Presley Hart Seduces Assistant

23 year old Presley Hart is has a problem where she is attracted only to unavailable men, which has caused plenty of drama in her life! "I don't know why, but I really get off on seducing men who should be taken. Maybe it's because it's a huge ego boost that they can't help themselves?" Presley doesn't waste any time in living up to her reputation. Her big eyes roam the room, looking at all of the mens' left hands until she finds one with a ring on it.

Locking eyes with the director's assistant, Presley walks over to him and loops her arms around his neck. "I'm gonna rock your world." The assistant is skittish, but he doesn't say no. Taking it as a sign that her advances are welcome, Presley presses her slim body against his. "I can feel that you're already hard and ready for me. Have you ever thought about fucking on camera?" The bewildered assistant doesn't seem to have an answer, but Presley doesn't need one. She strips her clothes off slowly, staying close to her man, and then reaches to unbutton his shirt.

As her hands fall to his tented pants, the assistant seems to snap out of his trance long enough to mutter a token protest about his wife. "If she doesn't watch porn then she'll never know your dirty little secret." His decision made, the assistant lets himself get pulled into the sordid fantasy Presley weaves. Pressing her to the outdoor couch, he kisses his way down her neck, licking her small boobs and suckling her diamond hard nipples. Rolling onto her knees, Presley sticks her peachy ass in the air and offers herself to her man. No longer hesitating, the assistant anchors Presley with a hand on her rounded bottom and slams his hard dick deep inside her. You can catch this whole illicit hardcore scene right now in HD pics and video only at

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