Chloe Starr's Hardcore Rub-down

Chloe Starr is this week's hardcore model for Who knew that being a teen model could be such hard work? Juggling college and modelling had our sweet teen seriously uptight. We brought in our favorite masseuse to give Miss Starr a thorough rub down. Lying on the table wearing nothing but a pink lace panty, Chloe Starr could hardly relax when she saw how hot and buff our masseuse turned out to be. Her desire began to wet her panties before he'd even laid his strong, capable hands on her youthful flesh. This Spanish-American Princess was definitely ready for a royal pampering.

Typically, a massage is supposed to begin on the upper back and shoulders, but our masseuse just couldn't keep his hands off her round and enticing latina tush. He began with a deep tissue exploration of her firm ass, kneading and grabbing at her skin, prickling her desires even more. Chloe Starr laid prone, moaning and sighing as he relaxed her nerves, but aroused her ardor. Her sweet teen pussy juices added some extra lubricity to the manipulation on her backside, and her cheeks slid back and forth against each other. All this stimulation was really beginning to excite Miss Starr, and she wanted nothing more than his strong, capable hands to touch her all over her tight, nubile body.

Our masseuse had Chloe Starr roll onto her back so he could work all the tense muscles of her torso. Again, his wandering hands found her sweet spots, and she began to moan and writhe under his warm hands. Using an effleurage technique, our masseuse plied her tender tan skin with exotic aromatherapy blend of cinnamon and vanilla to really increase her erotic experience. While his tattooed arm teased and kneaded her nipples and titties, his unsleeved hand found its way farther down, stroking and rubbing her aching, swollen pussy. With a special technique called trigger-point therapy, he slipped his capable and well-lubed fingers deep into her tight and throbbing pussy. In an explosive release, Chloe Starr came all over his hand. Who said fingering was overrated? Want to watch as Chloe Starr gives a "special" tip to our masseuse to show her appreciation? This is just a peek at all the action Chloe Starr is waiting to give you, exclusively at

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Tiffany Tyler Pussy Perfume

Tiffany Tyler showed us how she dresses when she's meeting up with one of her sugar daddies. "The men I date are wealthy, older gentlemen. They know what luxury is, so I'll wear the really nice things another guy has bought me." Bent over a leather desk chair, this long-legged lady used her limberness to model a lace thong with back ribbon lacing, and dainty bows. A purple satin and black lace bra perfectly coordinated with her black legwarmers. This girl knows her trends! But her favorite part of dressing up? Wearing the diamonds she's been given by past lovers- in this case, a 10 carat diamond and platinum choker. "This was from a 'daddy' who had a bit of a bondage fetish!"

Next, Tiffany Tyler gave us a full profile of her provocative, athletic body. Tugging as the top of her bra cups, out popped her tiny titties, nipples as hard as the rocks around her neck. Six-pack abs never looked so hot on one of our teen models, silhouetted against lace and satin, and Tiffany Tyler alternately bent forward and swayed her hips. "This," she asserted, indicating her entire body, "is quality. I work really hard to keep myself in perfect physical condition. The fitter you are, the more energy you have for sex... and shopping!"

"I always masturbate, sometimes several times a day. Men can smell sex! And I want to be sure they get it from me, rather than some old bag." For being barely out of her teen years, this twenty year old knows exactly what she wants, and just how to get it. Leaning back into the creased leather of her desk chair, Tiffany Tyler looks more sexy CEO than misses model. Slipping one long finger into her wet pussy, her other hand massaging her clitoris, Tiffany Tyler shows us how to use her sweet cream as a Pheremone laced perfume, letting those honey-dipped fingers trace long lines of dew across her breasts, neck, thighs... Want to smell her, too? Want to experience the kind of pleasure that only a stodgy old rich dude can take for granted? Get a gold mine of masturbation material for Tiffany Tyler, exclusively at

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Lubochka's Wet Dream Shower

It must be summer time here at, because we have arranged a lot of water scenes for your viewing pleasure. Every man likes to get a little wet, thanks to his favorite teen model, right? Lubochka was just getting up for the day, and we got to watch as she climbed out of bed! Following her into the bathroom, we got a sweet treat watching her ass bob inside her black satin bikini panties. Turning on the water, Lubochka innocently turned us on, as she bent over the faucet, letting one of her perky titties fall out of the leopard-print teddy she'd worn to bed. Long legged Lubochka let us watch as she showered!

We captured Lubochka stepping into the warm water filling the tub, and while she splashed water onto her torso, letting it drip down to her tight, teen ass. Standing under a towel rack that looked sturdy enough to support her weight for a little shower sex, Lubochka lifted her leg giving us a peek of her pretty pussy. Her labia looked a little swollen, so we asked if she'd had a wet dream she'd like to share with us.

Lubochka had, in fact, had a very naughty dream. And she was still horny! In spite of having a room full of virile men (who would have gladly set down their cameras and lighting equipment to help satisfy her), I insisted that she show us how she'd get herself off were we not here. Lowering herself onto all fours in the tub, Lubochka swiveled the shower head around until it shot its jets directly onto her ass. With warm water trailing its way along her lips, and dripping and tugging at her clit, Lubochka moaned and purred until the shuddered out the cleanest climax we have ever witnessed! Want to watch Lubochka cum? Want to rub her down with oil after her shower? You can! But only at, your premiere source for teen and twenty-something entertainment!

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Nicolety Student Salad

Catching up with Nicolety in her sparsely furnished dorm room, she had selected to wear a coral tank, and sheer white cotton panties with the most delicate pin-tuck pleating and a cute little bow for this shoot."If I recall correctly, you wanted to see more yesterday." I told you she was smart! Cool, gray eyes caught our attention, while her perfectly obedient blonde locks softly framed her youthful face. Nicolety began playing with the straps of her tank-top, and all eyes dropped to see what else she would reveal.

Pulling the straps off of her lean, graceful arms, Nicolety gave us an eyeful, or rather, two handsful of cupped, perky breasts. Her larger areolas were puckered like crepe around button-sized nipples the same shade as her lip-balmed kisser. Scoping this 21 year old student, from head to toe, gave us a sweet, surprising reward: the girliest pair of socks we had ever seen! Pink stripes covered her muscular legs, from toe to knee. No doubt, she may look innocent and virginal, but Nicolety is a sleeper seductress.

When asked her favorite position, Nicolety simply showed us. "Doggy is my favorite position in sex. He can bang me as hard as he wants in my pussy, and just as easily slip his schlong into my anus. Or a little bit of both, with a few strokes in one hole, a few in another, back and forth. That makes me cum super hard." This sweet Russian is exotic in her desires for hard cock. Her full vaginal lips seem to be sticking a clit of a tongue out, teasing like always, and I can guarantee that she loves to have your tongue tickle her from the tip of her clit to the rim of her anus. Would you like to toss this student's salad? You can, but only on the premiere source for high resolution videos of teen and twenty-something babes, pics, bios and more!
Do the math, genius!

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Tiffany Tyler Kitchen Cutie

Tiffany Tyler took us into the kitchen of her condo for some refreshments after her lesbian session. This debutante was striking in her t-shirt and ballet leggings, ice-blue eyes as shiny as the 4 carat diamond tennis bracelet she wore. "I love this kitchen! It's one of the reasons I bought this place. Plus, I'm closer to the Country Club where I meet all my 'daddies'." We agreed to do the next part of our shoot in the kitchen, and Tiffany Tyler was ready to start showing off her lithe body. Lifting up her gray t-shirt, we began by photographing her tiny titties.

Climbing onto the kitchen island was a breeze for this limber brunette. Still wearing her strapped and studded stilettos, Tiffany Tyler began a slow, revolving strip-tease from atop her granite counter. Reaching into a drawer, she pulled out a pink, suction ended dildo. "Of all the appliances in my kitchen, this is, by far, my favorite tool. It's also my measuring stick- I won't be with a guy unless he's this size or bigger." She planted her toy firmly in place, and resumed her dance routine. Slowly, Tiffany Tyler revealed her well-sculpted ass, harshly divided by a black cotton thong.

Once her stilettos were removed, Tiffany Tyler could more easily strip off those leggings, and her panties, too! Striking a pose that gave us the true appreciation for her long, willowy body, Tiffany Tyler sucked on her pink dildo, getting it nice and lubed for entry into her still warm cooter. "My girlfriend really gets me off, but sometimes I just think I need more inside of me, you know, to be fully satisfied?" When asked about the star tattoos gracing each of her hips, Little T stated: "Oh, I got those to commemorate the first time I was in a three-some. I was the star in the middle!"
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Lubochka's Pink Panties

Our raven-haired Moscow beauty, Lubochka, met us one evening wearing nothing but pink, frilly panties, gold sandals, and black striped solid and sheer stockings. Black hair and slate colored eyes are a stark contrast against her porcelain skin, and pale pink nipples. Her breasts, soft and round against her angular appearance, sit proudly atop a lean torso, studded with a silver belly-button ring. Her tight core yeilds to a rounding of full hips, and her legs look even longer (if that's possible) than her 5'9" frame allows.

After stealthily slipping off her frilly panties, Lubochka showed that she has all the grace of a black swan. Stockinged feet as high in the air as a constellation, Lubochka spreads her legs open to reveal a russet red set of lips surrounding a pliable and ruffled clitoris. Striking this pose, against the dramatic backdrop of gold shantung tapestries, Lubochka takes abject sexuality and transforms it into the beauty and mystery of a supernova.

Her mons like a flower which only blossoms at night, Lubochka radiates the grace and exotic sex appeal of a screen siren or a pin-up queen. Settling into doggy position, Lubochka gives us a close-up of her cunny. The cool glass of the table top against her stockinged legs lends a contemporary feel to the lace tops of her garterless hose. The backwards glance this stunning Russian tell us she's up for anything on this night. What are you waiting for? Just gazing at this celestial beauty isn't enough! You need more access, the exclusive kind found only on This Astronomy student gave us a stellar performance! Now it's your turn to feast your eyes on all things Lubochka.

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Nicolety Takes a Shower

Nicolety is our newest Russian babe! Standing at 5'3", she's just on the petite side. We caught her in the bathroom one afternoon, while she was getting ready to head out to yet another math class. This University student shows just how universal sex appeal is! Wearing nothing but a yellow g-string panty, and striped tank top, Nicolety taunted our photographer. "If you can tell me the specific algorithm of the stripes on my shirt, I'll take it off for you." As she arched one tawny eyebrow at us, we could do nothing bur stammer. This is no dumb blonde- she's hot, and she's got the smarts to let us beg for a bit of skin!

As Nicloety continued to tease, she showed us her cute little backside. Did you notice her brown eye wink back at us from the side of her thong? We asked if she liked anal, to which she replied: "I LOVE anal! I've always fantasized about being fucked in the ass while a hot blonde is eating my pussy!" I thought, maybe we should introduce her to Aglaya... Perhaps thinking about her fantasy got her really turned on, because next thing, Nicolety climbed into the shower to show us a few more water-works, besides her dripping wet pussy.

Still wearing her tank (we could not guess the algorithm), Nicloety decided to give herself a little bath. "I really like this shower head. Instead of spending money on toys, I can use warm water to satisfy my needs! It vibrates, pulses, shoots water jets, and I can get clean the same time I'm getting dirty." Massaging her clit with one hand, and angling the shower head with the other, Nicolety gave herself one helluva climax. Want to watch Nicolety get all clean? Want to hold the sprayer for her? Care to take a minute to get as close as an asymptote with this brilliant blonde? Only on! Join today to get access to all of her parabolic curves, and the quality additional footage that only can give you. Earn your 'A' and join today!

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Tiffany Tyler Lesbian Lover

Tiffany Tyler is one hot, high-class babe. An affirmed bi-sexual, Little T takes all the sexual pleasure she can get- that is, when she's not busy getting older men off so she can afford her next shopping trip. But she's no "lady of the night". She's a bona fide gold-digger! Her girlfriend doesn't seem to mind, though, and rewards Tiffany Tyler with some well-earned sexual bliss. Licking her nipples, and kissing her tiny titties, Tiffany Tyler gets so hot, she has to remove her black teddy. She wants her lover's lips all over her tight torso! There is something so sexy about two women getting some action in the middle of the afternoon!

Tiffany Tyler bends over to receive a little spanking from her lover. Apparently, Little T was out a little too late with her latest conquest, and only brought home a single set of glittering gems for her lover. What a naughty girl! Strapped stilettos kick wildly in the air as Tiffany Tyler gleefully receives each swat, promising her lover she'll be a good girl. Her toned ass jiggles with each movement, and her lover's nipples grow harder from the effort. Finally, Little T's lover massages her swollen rump, slowly working her hands until they've wandered over to find a very wet, very swollen pussy. Want to watch Tiffany Tyler get fingered by her fellow gold-digger girlfriend? Do you like lesbian debutantes? Follow your fingers as fast as you can to!

Finally free of the all the lingerie, a very naked Tiffany Tyler kisses her girlfriend with a passion few can match, as she grinds away at her lover's pussy with her own. These long-haired babes definitely turn us on as they show us how lesbians make love! Wearing only black silk stockings and stiletto heels, nothing stands on the way of the access they have to each other's youthful bodies. Want nothing standing in your way while you watch these two go at it? is the place to go for unparalleled access, including high resolution video of this encounter, and so much more! Take your pick from thousands of twenty-somethings just waiting to turn you on!

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Tiffany Haze Parting Shots

Tiffany Haze is, by far, our most captivating cinnamon cutie! As you'll recall- because you were smart enough to subscribe to and got to read her bio- she hopes to one day be a Special Education teacher, and proved to all of us that she could take special care of our studs, our crew, you, and herself! We took rolls of film, and each one of her spreads is as delicious as the spread she's got between those tight thighs of hers! We let Tiffany Haze select her parting shots for the week, and these are her top three picks. "I chose this first picture because it's an everyday kind of look. I guess we never realize how sexy we really are, even when we're just feeling like the girl next door!"

"I chose the second picture because I think it's a nice way of thanking all the men out there for taking the time to watch me, and to join I wanted to show them that they really can have full access to beautiful young women who enjoy pleasing them!" With her surfer's hardbody bent over her coffee table, this cinnamon bun is hot and ever so sweet! Just look at those apricot lips beaming out her sincerity, and the reach-around she's giving to ensure that you get the full picture of her sweet, and hot, little honeypot! Tiffany Haze has the perky breasts and creamy pink pussy of a teen, but definitely has the hunger of a woman!

For her final selection, her parting shot, Tiffany Haze chose this pic from among a dozen just as hot and tempting. We couldn't agree more! "This one was taken shortly after a masturbation scene, and I was still so wet and warm in my afterglow!" At this point, we should all be crumbling over Tiffany Haze's creamy cookie! This sensuous young thing loves her sex, and the desire in her eyes seems to be pleading with us, but more specifically, with you. Tasting her own fresh cum, inviting you to come and taste it too! This hardcore babe keeps giving us more and more to desire... and you've been such attentive students on your visit to! All I can think is that you ought to be hot for this teacher!

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Aglaya Sweet and Innocent

Aglaya told us her favorite color- and she sure is "pretty in pink"! Standing in the living room of her Moscow loft, in front of her favorite crododile skin loveseat, Aglaya gave a sexy little strip-tease. Though she looks like any other American teen, wearing a pink plaid bra and panty set straight from the heartland, this Russian babe is as exotic as her taste in furniture. From what we've seen earlier this week, you've got to know that the flower in her hair is just a tease, advertising a much more delectible set of petals newly blossoming under that flirty pink thong panty.

Aglaya is all heart, with her mother-of-pearl earrings as proof! She must have taken those right out of the oyster-shell that formed her perfect "pearl" at the heart of her shaved pussy. With a single, long leg arched toward the ceiling, Aglaya is either a really good hostess, opening the all-you-can-eat buffet for us... or she's had many years of practice, in nursing school, of modeling the proper technique for a thorough vaginal exam. Our model looks sweet enough to eat, and only you can eat up all the enticing, exclusive content at

Aglaya then showed us how she gets into her absolute favorite position: deep impact. This sweet and innocent flirt likes to take it as hard and deep as you can give it! With her silky leg hooked over your shoulder, Aglaya's tiny titties bounce with every thrust you give her. Her lips swollen and ruffled with desire, just like the underthings she took off for our voyeuristic pleasure, and she is dripping her pleasure juice in aching desire. "I prefer this position above all others because my lover can go straight from my pussy to my buttocks- and I get to watch! Did I tell you that I LOVE anal sex?" Aglaya gives a whole new meaning to a thorough check-up. But nurses are busy women, so you'd better make an appointment for some of her special attention- only at

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