Kayden again

Kayden was a new girl added last week but I just cant get over how cute she is.

The cool thing about Nubiles.net is that girls come from all over. Some girls are shy and some are sex machines. If you check out our tour you will see that we have a content rating. It goes topless, pussy shy nude, full nude, explicit nude, touches herself, plays with toys, blowjobs, sex. Kayden goes full nude, while some other girls go all the way. Overall most girls will go to plays with toys. Check it out.

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Maryanne #7

Well things have been going very well for me and Brad, but Lydia does not like Chris very much at all and I don't want any hard feelings between her and I if I decide to go out with Brad, but he is such a nice guy. Maybe Brad has more friends he can introduce her to. I would hate to give up this crush for her, but I would in an instant. I would rather have my lifelong buddy than a drooly old boy. Oh the drama of a teenage girls life! I got in a fight with Lydia yesterday and we didn't talk for the whole day at work. I know that I am spending a lot of time with Brad, but she feels like I am totally ignoring her. I don't understand how she could feel that way since I spend just as much time with her. Plus she was the one who ignored me yesterday. I wish she would just call me and talk to me, but I know she wants me to apologize to her. God that bugs me so much, I don't think I did anything wrong; why should I apologize for having a new fling? I want to keep her though so I know I will anyways, it just bugs me is all. I hate it when she gets this way, especially since she knows me so well, the only thing I can really do is what she knows I'm going to do anyways. I am going to apologize, we will make-up, and I'll help her find a date, if I don't I'll just have to call it quits with Brad. But all these things will work out in the end.

Hugs and Kisses

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Lilian #7

Well, the test wasn't as bad as I thought. There were a few tricky questions, but I ended up passing with a 94%!!!! But it was a little nerve racking. Since I did so well I guess I owe myself a celebration. I am going out on Friday for a nice get together at a friends house. (She also did very well on the test.) I can't wait for school to be over and to get on with it. I just want to do this already lol. Almost there, two weeks isn't so bad, there's just a lot of studying to be done for finals. And god do I feel the pressure. Besides school I had an adventure today. I can't say it was one of my favorites but it was an adventure nonetheless. I was taking the freeway to school today (something I don't usually do) and right in front of me this car smashed into another one that was trying to squeeze between him. I barely dodged out of the way, but it was crazy how much debris and crap was flying at me. Since I passed them I didn't get to see what happened, but it was wild that it happened right in front of me. Crazy. Well, I hope everyone is ok, best wishes and rapid recoveries. Drive Safe Everyone!!!

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More Rebecca!!

Tomorrow the nubiles members area gets updated with this brand new set. At the beginning of the set Rebecca starts off by lifting up her dress revealing her thong; but this is not an ordinary thong, it was sexier than I thought it was going to be.

Not just that, but the high heels that she wears throughout the shoot really complements her body. After she goes topless and removes her thong; you can see that her clit is so fresh and clean. Don’t miss out on how she and her vibrator friend end the shoot.

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Kate #4

Ahh the weekend. The best part of the week. Friday is the night for meeting hot horney boys. I met a polite 23 year old last night at the club. Was NOT my type but I had fun making him hard and then breaking his heart when he found out he wouldn't get any from me, ever. When it comes to the penis guys are so easy to manipulate. You say simple little things and they take it to the extreme in a fantasy. All you have to say is tits and there they go racing away to a sexual fantasy with you and their favorite playboy pinups. It's funny. I wasn't mean to the guy either, I broke it to him as sweetly as I could, and he stayed hooked. We had a nice little chat, I gave him a fake number and then I proceeded to the dance floor to find something a little more interesting. I did, but it didn't come home with me. I might think about calling him later. Who knows, I'm a busy girl. Well, sWEeT dreams boys!!! Katy

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Kayden cant get enough

Kayden just couldnt get enough, she loves to model and learn how its done! This was the last shoot for the day, but she wanted to keep going. Check out the members are of Nubiles.net for the full size images and video.

If you havent checked out Kayden yet on Nubiles.net you are missing out. Shes very fresh and even though shes a little rough around the edges since she hasnt modeled much she is innocent and fun and hot.

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Charlie #4

Finally an end to a challenging week! It wasn't that bad I guess. I managed my time pretty well and got everything taken care of and I'm going to just relax and kick back this weekend. I'm excited because I get to pick up my puppy tomorrow and I have the whole weekend to get to know her. I've decided to name her punkin. I just hope that I can spend enough time with her. I know she'll be ok because my roommates are home a lot of the time because they take online courses, I just want her to know that I'm the mama. I know that everything will be ok, she's too cute for me to worry about silly things like that. What else happened today? :) This is funny, not because the girl was embarrassed out of her mind, but because it is exactly something that I can see happening to me. She was wearing these very long pants for her legs and they slipped her up when she was walking down the stairs when our class let out. She fell all the way to the floor on her butt! It was so funny. The poor girl looked like a tomato when she finally gathered up all her stuff that had flown out of her folder and managed to make it through the door. She'll be ok, she wasn't hurt, but it sure was funny. Sweet dreams guys... Charlie

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Lilian #6

Wish me luck guys! Today I have a big exam for the semester. I've been studying my brains out and I'm sure that I will pass it, but there is just so much material that could be tested on. I am just nervous and I am letting that get the best of me, but this test is just so vital to my grade, it's hard not to let it be so intimidating. I guess that I have studied all I can and whatever I get I earned, right? No point in stressing out I guess, it'll only make my grade worse I imagine. Well, wish me luck anyways! I need it! See ya later alligators! Lilian

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Top of the world with Kayden

More talk about the shoot of Kayden for Nubiles.net.......

We like to take images at this hotel. For the day we shot Kayden there were many people around and even though we like to take only a few nude images outside, there were too many people. So we went around the back and found this cool spot. It looks like its on the top of the world. But then a police drove by us twice so we just got out of there cause we didnt want any trouble.

One of our members at Nubiles.net requested "panty play videos". We have a message board on nubiles.net and we love to get feedback so we can make Nubiles.net a better site. So here was an attempt to shoot her playing with her panties. Now if you followed my previous updates on Kayden you would know shes not very sexual but shes very hot looking. In the video I asked her to walk over and sit down in the chair and then rub her panties for a while. She does it but only rubs her panties for like 2 seconds! She says she doesnt know how much more she can do! Oh well. Here are a few upskirt images.

Visit Nubiles.net so you can see the full size images and the funny video from this.

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Charlie #3

Tomorrow's Friday! Hooray! The week has just flown by. School is picking up pretty quickly we already have quizzes and tests scheduled. The instructors are pretty cool though. I mean you'll always have at least one boring, monotone, Ben Stein instructor, but I was blessed with a mild version and 3 other wonderful instructors. It makes school a little more fun, if you could call it that. The homework is pretty easy so far, a lot of review, so I'm making it so far. As long as I'm here for all the tests and quizzes I'm sure I'll make it through all my classes this year. I barely pulled through last year and I am determined to not have to squeeze by at the end of the semester working off of 3 hours of sleep, I won't be able to do it this time especially with the way my job hours have picked up. I just need to stay on top of things is all. Well, I need to get some shut eye if I want to get up at 6:00, sweet dreams!!!Charlie

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