Kitty Jane Sexy in Socks

Kitty Jane is a sexy 21 year old with an addiction to orgasms. "I don't care how I get my orgasms as long as I get them every day. Fingers, toys, cocks, tongues... just make me cum and I'll be happy for the rest of the day," she laughs, only I get the impression that she's not joking. Today she's going to demonstrate how she uses her fingers to satisfy her craving pussy. But before she gets down to business, we ask Kitty to show off her incredible body, and she's happy to comply.

After she removes her top and flaunts her full, ripe tits, Kitty lifts her frilly white skirt to show her bald naked pussy. She turns around and lifts one of her feet up on the dresser in front of her. Pushing her flawless round ass out behind her, she brings one hand down hard on her ass, giving it a stiff smack, then begins rubbing and kneading it. Her thick pussy lips are peeking out from between her legs, anxiously waiting for some attention.

Kitty takes a seat in the chair and spreads her legs open, again lifting one of her feet, still covered in blue argyle knee socks, onto the dresser. With her skirt up around her waist, Kitty uses both hands to start giving her needy pussy the attention it's been aching for. One hand spreads open her pussy lips and starts teasing her swollen clit, tenderly caressing the most sensitive part on her entire body. Her other hand reaches in from behind, sliding two fingers into her moist hole. She's been waiting for this for so long already that immediately when her fingers start moving in and out, a soft moan escapes her lips. Kitty closes her eyes, really getting into it now. If you want to see the entire pussy pleasing photo set and video, go to, bringing you fresh new girls every week.

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Yani Sexy Temptress

Yani is a sultry temptress from Russia who just so happens to possess that rare combination of jet black hair and extra-light blue eyes. Something about these two qualities together on women has always been most appealing to me. Perhaps because it is so rare. Dark hair usually comes with dark eyes and vice versa. So a young beauty like this, with darker than dark hair and the lightest, prettiest bluish-teal eyes ever, is just beyond amazing! (In my opinion anyway.) Yani's looks are also a bit on the exotic side which I find to be another very sexy quality of hers. And that's just from her neck up! I haven't even begun on that body of hers yet, which, as we can all see, is pretty damn amazing as well. And in this steamy hot photo spread, Yani's beautiful body is fully accentuated to the max (and fully exposed as well). Another plus: Yani actually enjoys showing off her hot body and why shouldn't she? With that beautifully tanned skin and tight, fit firmness everywhere you look, it'd be a sin not to show it off! Yani also enjoys dressing up in the most erotic lingerie, with silk thongs, lace stockings, and sexy high-heels. Just like she did in this photo shoot; fishnet stockings and a furry lingerie number that made Yani resemble the hot sex kitten she is. When Yani walked onto the set for the first time wearing this ensemble, I literally heard jaws drop to the floor. Yani loved that. She smiled playfully and spun around to give us the full effect. She positioned herself in front of the camera, looking directly into the lens, a naughty look in her electric blue eyes. Then she let out the most sensual purring sound, before softly saying "Meow..." She imitated a sexy kitty-cat to a tee.

Yani was obviously a big fan of role playing. (Another sexy quality in my book.) So I thought I'd ask her if this was true and when I did she instantly replied "Of course! In fact, I think everyone does." As she spoke, Yani continued with her seductive strip tease, making it a little hard for me to concentrate on what she was saying. "We all role played when we were kids, right? Well, as adults it can be so much more fun. You just have to choose the right roles to play." Yani explained as she kept posing for the camera which was now flashing away, capturing her every sensual move. "Like the role I chose to play today for example" Yani said, a small smile hovering on her pink lips "Everyone loves a hot and sexy pussy..." She paused a beat before adding "Cat. Pussy cat!" We all laughed as Yani smiled a very naughty smile and threw the camera a playful wink. Then she turned around to show us the view from the back and what a view it was! Her fishnet stocking clad legs seemed to go on for miles, especially when she started bending over to slide off her furry shorts, furry attached tail and all. Seconds later, Yani revealed her perfectly round and perfectly tanned ass, which was fully exposed except for a tiny black silk thong. Along with Yani's beautiful booty, her curvy hips and juicy thighs were also on display and it was all just too hot for words.

Yani reached back to untie her furry bikini top with her back still to the camera. She let it drop onto the hard wood floor before repeating the act by removing her black thong, her back still to the camera. Watching Yani strip and then left staring at her tan bare back and perfect bare ass only from behind was a tease that soon turned into torture and made you want to beg her for more. Yani, who was now completely naked besides her stockings and heels, finally began turning toward the camera in a slow, sensual seduction meant to drive you wild. But when Yani finally had turned her naked body in a complete about-face before the camera, the full frontal shot of Yani's perfectly perky tits, hard nipples, flat stomach, pierced belly button, shaved pussy, and smooth, tan skin all over, it was such a sight to see that you simply forgot about anything and everything else before that very moment. Don't miss out on even more of this hot and horny bombshell! Arousing photos and videos of Yani are all at So go see her now!

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Eileen Studded Glass Dildo

Tall black-haired beauty Eileen loves dressing in high heels. Not only do they really make her already-long legs look amazing, but a sexy pair of stilettos go a long way in making a girl feel sassy and sensuous. And we all know that a girl who feels sexy is a girl who IS sexy. There's no arguing that Eileen is about as sexy as they come. As she dances around the kitchen in nothing but a flirty white skirt and strappy white heels, she talks about how wearing slinky heels is one of her favorite parts of modelling. "I'm pretty tall already, so when I put on a pair of 4 or 5 inch heels... well let's just say that some guys are intimidated by a girl who's taller than they are," she laughs as she lifts her skirt and kicks her foot up behind her. "That's why I love tall guys. I'm not sure what I'd do if I couldn't wear my heels." She pauses for a moment before adding "Honestly, I'd probably choose my shoes over most guys," she laughs again, and I can't really tell if she's just yanking my chain. But I don't care. I'm too busy admiring her perfect tight body and long shapely legs under her skirt.

Eileen slips her skirt down over her hips, revealing a pair of magenta thong panties. She leaves the panties on for the time being and continues with her provocative posing. As she turns to face the camera, I can't help but notice how great her stomach is. Her abs are perfectly toned... nice and firm and tight without being too muscular. The piercing in her belly button is just the cherry on top of an already smokin' hot body. If you gave me a month to study it, I'm convinced I wouldn't be able to come up with a single thing I would change about it. Her full, ripe tits are just the right size for her body. Her big, dark areolas and tiny nipples just beg to be sucked. As she runs her fingertips up her sides to her hair and flips it over her shoulders, I find myself wondering how soft her tanned skin is and how sweet it would taste on my tongue.

Settling onto the wooden chair, Eileen brings both longs legs up and rests them on the countertops. She reaches between her spread legs and gently rubs her pussy lips through her panties. "Look... my pussy is already getting wet. It's because I've been looking forward to this all day!" As she finishes her sentence, Eileen leans over and grabs a glass dildo that she had hidden behind the coffee pot. "I got it just for this shoot but all the little bumps and studs on it have been calling my name since I woke up this morning. I almost couldn't wait!" As she brings the dildo to her mouth, she pulls her panties to the side, finally giving us a glimpse of that sweet pussy I've been dying to see. It's just as tasty-looking as I'd imagined... a tight, tiny pink fuck-hole nestled between a pair of soft, full lips. All I can think is that's one lucky dildo! Why is it that sex toys get to have all the fun? If you'd like to see how naughty babe Eileen pleasures her moist pussy, you'll find the entire steamy set only at

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Kitty Jane Vibrator Pleasure

Kitty Jane is a twenty-one year old hottie with an amazing curvy body. She keeps it in such great shape by hanging out in the pool whenever she gets a chance. "I've always loved to swim. I think I started swimming before I even started walking," Kitty told us when we were getting to know her a little better. "Besides, swimming is some of the best exercise you can do and still have fun!" Whatever she's doing, it's working. Her body is in great shape and I can't help but admire it as she lifts her dress, revealing her long, tanned legs with just the right amount of muscular tone. Her curvy hips lead up to a perfectly flat tummy. She pulls the top down on her sundress, exposing a pair of soft, bountiful tits with small nipples that stand to attention as soon as they are freed from the fabric of her dress.

As Kitty poses, she is constantly running her hands up and down her perfect body, brushing her fingertips lightly over parts of her body that I only wish I could get my tongue on. By the time she has her panties off, her pink pussy is already moist. She teases it with her fingers a little before turning around to show us the most amazing butt I've seen in a long time. As I drool over it, I recall her telling us earlier that her tits are her favorite part of her body. While I agree that she does have a very tempting pair of tits, I'd have to argue about it being her best feature. That ass is jaw-dropping! Kitty has a booty that begs to be licked, bitten, smacked, tickled... I could go on and on about all the things I would love to do to that delicious booty, but I'm sure you can come up with plenty of things on your own. As Kitty Jane lifts one long leg onto the table, she reaches in and spreads her dark pussy lips open with two fingers, showing off her sweet pink hole.

She pays her pussy some attention with her fingers, rubbing and tugging on it, spreading it open and tickling her vag with light strokes. As she settles into the stool behind her, Kitty grabs a shiny silver vibrator and begins rubbing it up and down between her swollen pussy lips and running circles around her clit the toy. As she slides just the very tip into her moist hole, she tells us how much she loves her sex toys. "I pretty much don't go anywhere without one. I even carry a pocket vibrator in my purse. You just never know when you're going to need to relieve some stress!" she says with a devilish look on her face. Then she gets down to business, concentrating on pleasuring her horny wet pussy. To see Kitty Jane bring her tight twat to orgasm with her favorite toy, go to where you can find the whole naughty set in high resolution.

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Yani Leg Spread

Yani is a very sexy brunette from Russia. She's twenty-three years old and has a sweet smile to go along with a pair of naughty bedroom eyes that draw you into her lap of luxurious seduction. Yani was in the bedroom getting her hot self dressed for the photo shoot (into a very sexy little number that consisted of red and black lingerie), when I decided to go in and ask her some questions about herself. We breezed through the usual subjects and when I got to the question of what sorts of things turned her on, Yani smiled up at me with her sweet smile, as if to say she could be a bit shy, yet at the same time her blue eyes were lit up in an excited and rather aroused way, therefore telling me a different story other than the 'a bit shy' one. Those gleaming eyes had a naughty story behind them. And soon her pink lips caught up with her eyes and Yani said "I actually have a few fetishes." She smiled again and said, "I like being blind folded... and tied up... or handcuffed of course." A sexy giggle then "But my most favorite fetish of all is getting spanked. A good spank on my ass during foreplay or just during sex is so so hot to me! It never fails to get me crazily turned on!"

So when Yani was called on set, all those naughty fetishes of hers were already on her dirty little mind, therefore making her come across on camera as a very sexy and very naughty nymphet. Like a sex kitten, purring with each sensual move. The red and black lingerie made Yani's petite and tight spinner body look excruciatingly sexy as well. From the black laces up the front that resembled a corset to the very back of the ensemble where the bright red thong showed off Yani's hot and curvy ass. Yani turned the heat up even more when she crawled up onto the bed on all fours, her booty facing the camera in doggy style position. Yani arched her back and stuck her ass up high. Then she looked over her shoulder at the camera and I saw that her horny eyes were begging for a good spanking.

Yani wasted no time. She threw me a quick wink then reached her hand back and then: 'Smack!' Yani gave herself a nice, hard spank right on her ass cheek! Then she erupted into a fit of girly giggles and rolled over onto the bed, laughing hysterically. We all laughed with her. It was safe to say that this cutie-pie definitely had that 'naughty and nice' quality to her. After finally catching her breath, Yani composed herself, sat up, then went right back into sexy strip tease mode. Her bedroom eyes were back to their naughty ways, directed right at the camera, as she began slipping off her lingerie, one spaghetti strap at a time. Yani discarded all articles of clothing until she was completely naked, every inch of nudity fully exposed. Slowly and sensually, Yani then spread her legs open wide, letting us all see just how hot her shaved pink pussy was. And you can see even more of our yummy Yani right now at!

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Eileen Sexy Panty Tease

23 year old Eileen is a feisty sex kitten from the Czech Republic. Her adventurous spirit leads her to do some pretty crazy and impulsive things, even in the bedroom. "There isn't much I won't try at least once, even sexually. I mean, how will I know if I like it if I don't give it a shot, right?" Even her adult modelling career started as sort of a dare. But lucky for us, Eileen fell in love with it and doesn't plan on quitting anytime soon. Today she is showing off her perfect body in purple thong panties and matching bra... and damn, is she sexy!

Eileen removes her bra and plays with her full tits with their big areolas and tiny pink nipples. She kicks back on the bed and spreads her long legs. Her long, jet-black hair falls over her shoulders and caresses her boobs every time she moves her head. "That tickles! In a good way,though," Eileen says with a laugh as she tosses her head back and forth, letting her long locks glide across her excited nipples. As she reaches her hand between her legs, Eileen gives the camera a mischievous look, like she's daring me to come join her on the bed. I know she's not, but I can't help fantasizing about it anyway.

After she teases her pussy through her panties for a few minutes, Eileen shimmies her thong down over her hips to her knees. She rolls onto her side, exposing one of the hottest asses I've seen in a long time. Her tight pink pussy is peeking out from between her upper thighs as she pulls them apart with her hand. She must have noticed me staring at the perfect curves of her rear-end, because she suddenly broke the silence with "Yes, I love my ass too! It's the part of me that men always like best". I can definitely understand why. Although her titties are right up there with that delicious derriere. One thing's for sure... there's no arguing that Eileen is one seriously hot girl with a very tempting body. If you'd like to see more of her, go to, bringing you fresh new girls every week.

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Kitty Jane Hardcore Fantasy

Twenty-one year old Kitty Jane is an exotic beauty from the Czech Republic. This tall nymphet has a voracious appetite for sex. When she can't get the real thing, she uses toys and her fingers to bring her horny pussy to orgasm. "I do masturbate every day. I know most girls in this business say that, but I actually do. My day just isn't the same if I don't start it out with an orgasm," Kitty told us during the interview. Lucky for her, we brought in the "real thing" for her today. And she pounced on him like a cat on a mouse. Kitty couldn't keep her hands off of this horny stud. She had his cock out before he even realized what was going on.

After some heated licking and sucking, Kitty got on her knees and lifted her skirt up around her waist. She hadn't even worn panties under her skirt so her pussy was ready and waiting, already moist and eager to feel that hard dick slide inside. With her perfect ass pushed out behind her, she wiggled her hips as her lover ran the head of his dick up and down her wet slit. I could see her pushing closer to him trying to sink his cock into her warm, wet hole, but he kept pulling back just enough that Kitty couldn't get the penetration that she so badly wanted. He teased her pussy and it was just driving her wild, making her want it even more. You could see the pure animal lust in her eyes as she turned to him and demanded "Just fuck me!"

Before he satisfied her request, the guy grabbed Kitty by the hips and flipped her over onto her back. He hooked an arm under one of her long legs, still covered in her sexy white thigh high stockings, and pushed just the tip of his hard cock into her moist hole. Kitty immediately let out a soft moan and threw her head back as she pushed her hips harder into her lover, trying to get him inside of her. She glided her fingers across her swollen clit and thick pussy lips, and I could see her hole contracting around the head of his dick, trying to pull him in deeper. He wasn't quite done with teasing her yet though, and her desire was growing strong with every second that she couldn't feel his rock-hard cock moving in and out of her aching pussy. Kitty was so turned on by then that I would be willing to bet that she would cum the second he really started fucking her. If you want to find out for yourself, go to You'll find the entire hardcore photo set and video, along with 1,000+ other hot and horny girls... guaranteed to stir your own desires.

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Jessie Marie Intense Pleasure

Black haired babe Jessie Marie is only twenty, but she works the camera like she's got 10 years of experience under her belt. She was especially looking forward to this shoot since it would be the first time she gets to try out the infamous Magic Wand... a vibrator so powerful it makes girls squirt without even trying. "I've been wanting to try one ever since I first heard about it... I can't wait!" she told us. She could barely even keep her clothes on, so eager to get to the good part. Jessie had her panties half-way down her legs in no time, kicking back on the bed in nothing but an over-sized t-shirt. She rolled onto her side, showing off that delicious ass with her little pink pussy peeking out.

When it was finally time to turn on the Magic Wand, Jessie didn't even take the time to remove her shirt. She put it to her pussy and immediately let out an exhilarated gasp. Running it back and forth over her pussy and clit, I could see her pink parts swelling before my eyes. "This is even better than I had imagined!" Jessie told us. She was so unused to the intensity that she had to keep pausing and pulling the vibrator away from her swollen pussy. It was as if she couldn't decide if it was too much pleasure for her to keep going. It didn't take her long to get used to it though, and soon her hips were wiggling back and forth while the toy glided across her tiny twat, hitting every exposed inch.

Jessie finally stripped off her shirt and knelt down on the bed. Using a pillow to prop her up in the front, she reached the Magic Wand between her spread legs with her ass in the air. She was really getting into it now, having adjusted to the intensity and focusing fully on her clit. Her hips were rocking back and forth, doing most of the work while she held the wand in one spot. As her clit moved over the head of the vibrator, her hips started moving faster and her breathing was getting very heavy. I could see her tight little ass clenching even tighter and for a moment I even got a little envious, wishing I could know what it feels like. "I usually only cum once... a guy has to be something pretty special in order for me to have more than one orgasm. But I bet I could cum again and again with this thing. Now I'm going to have to buy one for myself!" she told us during a pause. You can see this little hottie in action, enjoying the intense pleasure of her first Magic Wand experience, only at

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Reese Short Mini Skirt

Meet twenty-two-year-old Reese from Russia. She is one girl who truly has the complete package; she's young, blonde, beautiful, and has a body that is out of this world. Her sensual, womanly curves and hour glass figure were accentuated by the tight pink t-shirt and short pink skirt Reese was wearing. The pretty pink color made Reese's bronzed, tanned skin glow, especially with the sun light that was streaming in through the bedroom window. Reese crawled across her bed like a naughty sex kitten, her eyes sparkling as she smiled a dazzling white smile to the man standing before her, capturing every sexual move on his flashing camera.

As she struck a variety of sexy and tempting poses on the white bedspread, Reese looked so seductive that she actually seemed to be oozing with sex appeal. Especially when she lifted her t-shirt and flashed the camera with her amazing pair of full, round breasts that made you want to just burry your head in them and never come up for air. Reese pulled the t-shirt over her head and dropped it to the floor in an erotic strip tease fashion. Topless then, Reese turned around and lifted the back of her pink mini skirt, exposing a pair of white booty shorts along with a booty that was just too sexy for words. The man behind the camera must have been thinking something similar because just then he asked her if she minded slipping the panties off and leaving the skirt on. Reese smiled sweetly at him and said; "You must have a fetish for mini skirts too." Still smiling, Reese then rolled over onto her back and stretched her legs up into the air, her toes pointed. She then reached underneath her skirt and started to slide off her panties, just as her photographer friend had asked her to do.

The white panties dropped to the floor and Reese's hot pink pussy became exposed for a brief second.
But then Reese quickly pulled herself back up went right into another series of sensual and naughty poses on the bed as her nice, big tits bounced and her skirt flew up and down with every move she made, consequently flashing her shaved pussy in the most teasing and erotic way. The camera man didn't miss a single move of Reese's sexually explicit strip tease. You can see even more of this blonde bombshell right now-go to to see it all! (Plus a bunch of other hot and naughty nymphets as well!)

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Kiera Winters Dripping Pussy

19 year old Kiera Winters is about as sexy as they come. She likes to play naughty in the bedroom, but loves to play naughty outside of the bedroom. "That's one of my favorite things to do sexually," she tells us. "I like to find new and exciting places to have sex." She proves her point today when she heads to the kitchen for some wet pussy play. As she turns around, Kiera pulls her denim shorts down, revealing the fact that she's not wearing any panties under them. Her perfect round ass peeks out from the top of her shorts, as the outline of her hard nipple shows through her thin white cotton tank top.

Kiera removes her shorts completely and heads for the kitchen sink, still wearing her flimsy top. She grabs the faucet sprayer and adjusts the water to a luke-warm temperature. Then she aims the sprayer toward her chest and pulls the trigger. Water splashes everywhere and Kiera is giggling like a schoolgirl. "I wasn't expecting it to spray that hard!" she laughs. Then she lets up on the pressure a little and lets the water dribble out over her tits and stomach. The soaked cotton tank top clings to her wet body and shows off every curve with perfection. Her hard nipples strain against the wet fabric, giving a perfect outline of those sexy little pearls. If you look closely, you can even see where the cotton clings to her pussy, doing it's best to get a taste of the silky sweetness between her legs.

After she's thoroughly soaked, Kiera peels off her sopping wet tank top and hops onto the kitchen counter. Her ripe young body is completely naked now and as she spreads her legs, I finally get a good look at that sweet pink pussy. I can only imagine how tight her hole is and how good it would feel wrapped around my tongue. I can see her clit is already a bit swollen and I can't help but wonder if she's even more aroused than she lets on. As she reaches for the faucet sprayer once again, Kiera says "I've never done this in the kitchen sink before.. only the bathtub. But I've always wanted to try!" If you want to see what naughty things Kiera does next, go to, bringing you three new fresh-faced girls every week.

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