Tracey Sweet Blowjob Special

19 year old coed Tracey Sweet looks as cute and innocent as they come, but beneath that shy exterior beats the heart of a girl who is always ready for a good time. Her anything-goes attitude is obvious when she arrives on the set and gives her shoot partner an assessing once over. She must like what she sees because, licking her pouty lips, she drops to her knees and pulls his white briefs down to his knees to release his stiff erection. "Do you want me to blow you? Because I really, really love giving head." Tracey's man doesn't waste time with words, instead pulling her head to his crotch and thrusting his cock into her warm willing mouth so that she can pleasure his thick member.

They make quite a picture as Tracey stares up at him through dramatically made up eyes while she sucks and licks until her beau is visibly fighting not to cum. When Tracey seems satisfied that she has put her man on edge, she pulls away from him and takes his hand to lead him to the couch where she pushes him down. "Sit here and relax. I'm going to do all the work for now." Taking advantage of her man's reclined position, Tracey climbs aboard and sinks her tight shaved pussy onto his throbbing dick with a moan of pleasure.

Riding her man hard, Tracey throws her head back and reaches one hand forward to rub her sensitive clit, presenting a lovely picture for the cameras. She clearly knows how to handle the stud beneath her as she quickly brings herself to an orgasm that has her whole body pulsating with pleasure! "Mmm. That was a good warm up, but I think we can do better." Tracey's man is up to that challenge, urging her onto her back so that he can fuck her horny twat while she uses both hands to massage her medium sized boobs. You can find this entire raunchy hard core scene in high resolution pictures and video now, only at

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