Chloe Blue Horny Babe

18 year old Russian beauty Chloe Blue fantasizes about one day having a threesome where a man and a woman fulfill her every desire. Until she can actually have that experience in person, though, Chloe must be content with her imagination. "I like to think about kissing the soft lips of another woman and fondling her breasts while being fucked from behind by a man." Just talking about her fantasy is a turn-on for Chloe, who slowly runs her hands up her smooth legs as she shares her secrets with us. When Chloe's fingers reach her lacy white skirt, she slips a finger down her damp slit, and then blows us away by sucking her own pussy juices off. "Delicious," she purrs.

We're still picking our jaws up off the floor when Chloe removes her top and wraps her legs around a pillow. Undulating her hips and moaning as her swollen clit rubs against the rough fabric, Chloe continues with her fantasy. "Our threesome would just keep getting hotter after I cum the first time. I love giving head, and I've never had a complaint. Not even from a woman!" Chloe runs her tongue across her lips and flicks her diamond hard nipples, and then her eyes slide to the rubbery dildo lying on her bed. Scooping it up, she falls to her back and parts her pussy lips with one hand while shoving the dildo into her tiny twat with the other.

Chloe's entire body throbs with pleasure as she thrusts the dildo deep and then pulls it out over and over again. Her spare hand rubs greedily at her pleasure button, and she spreads her legs as wide as they'll go. "Every day, I masturbate just like this. I can't seem to sleep at night until I've had an orgasm or two." We can see that Chloe is hurtling towards an amazing orgasm, and we literally cannot wait. You can watch Chloe satisfy her wet pussy only on, where all of the hottest girls are brought to you daily.

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