Missy Sweet Purple Vibrator Play

Twenty year old hottie Missy Sweet grew up in Louisiana, so she's about as American as they come. Being a good little southern girl, she always managed to stay out of trouble. After she graduated high school though, she got an overwhelming urge to let her naughty side free and she's been getting naked in front of the camera ever since. Missy often cures her boredom with a romp between her legs - it doesn't matter if it's with fingers, toys or cock. This little cum-junkie just likes to get off! "I usually use toys when I masturbate. I even use them when I have a guy fucking me," she laughs. "I mean, what could be better than a toy in one hole and you in the other?"

Missy isn't one to ever turn down an orgasm, so we knew she had one or two in store for us today. One thing that really gets her tight little pussy wet is having sex (even if it's with herself) anywhere but the bedroom. Her very favorite place to fuck is in the water... hot tub, bathtub, swimming pool, even the ocean. She's the perfect mix of beach bunny and fuck bunny, so if there's water nearby, chances are Missy has fucked in it. Unfortunately the weather didn't allow us to take photos outside today, so she suggested the kitchen. "My parents would KILL me if they ever found out, but I actually masturbate in here quite a bit. I love the feel of the cool counter-tops under my bare skin!" She slips off her tiny denim shorts and hops onto the island counter. As she slipped her hand into her panties, I could literally see her tiny puffy nipples growing harder right before my eyes.

After fondling her pussy for only a moment, she pulls her hand back out and holds it up to the camera. "I'm already wet... see?" and sucks her sweet pussy juices from her fingers. "I think this is a good day for a toy, don't you?" as she ducks from the kitchen wearing nothing but her panties and the tank top that was still wrapped around her slender waist. She comes back into the kitchen holding a shiny purple vibrator in one hand and her other hand pulling her panties down over her hips. She kicks them off with a girlish giggle and quickly jumps back onto the kitchen counter, this time on hands and knees with her perfect round ass in the air. Missy slips the vibrator between her legs and runs the tip of the toy up and down her slick wet slit and as it finds her juicy hole, she pushes her hips backward as if her pussy is so eager to feel the penetration that it refuses to wait for her hand to do the work. You can see this sexy young cutie fuck her horny pussy to climax in high quality pics and video, only at Nubiles.net.

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