Nina Lee Ultimate Seduction

Blue-eyed cutie Nina Lee may appear tiny and innocent, but don't let her looks fool you. This pint-sized vixen has a sexual appetite capable of leaving grown men speechless. When we asked her if she plays any sports, her response was "Ummm... Is sex considered a sport?" Nina has no plans to settle down with one man anytime soon, so until that happens, she enjoys tempting men into treating her like a princess. "If a man knows how to make me feel special, well let's just say that I can make him feel pretty damn good," she says, flashing a naughty grin at the camera. She finished unbuttoning her ruffled top and let it slide off of her shoulders. Nina wore no bra under her shirt and my eyes were instantly drawn to her perfect tits, small and perky with little rosy nipples that were already erect.

I was intrigued by her statement and wanted to hear more. I asked Nina how she would "reward" a man for treating her like a princess. She was happy to oblige. "I like to start slowly... lots of tender kisses all over his body, running my fingernails very lightly over his skin until it tingles." Nina began trailing the tips of her fingers over her own petite body, making a path from her tender neck, circling around both tits and excited nipples, then down her flat stomach until she reached her denim skirt. Slowly unzipping her skirt, she continued. "I caress and tease every part of his body except for his dick. He can feel my hot breath on his throbbing cock but I won't give him the satisfaction. I make him want me so bad it hurts." By now, Nina's skirt and panties were off, leaving her completely naked on the sofa. As she spread her legs open, she brought her hands down between them, blocking the view of her nude pussy that I so desperately wanted. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, considering Nina is a girl who considers teasing to be an art form.

She continued with her story of seduction. "Only once I see by the look in his eyes that he can't take much more, then I give him just a taste of what's to come. I start at the bottom of his balls, running the tip of my tongue so softly all the way up to the head of his dick, making sure my hair tickles his inner thighs and hips. I can see his cock throbbing and jerking. He wants me so bad that he can't think of anything else besides how it's going to feel when he finally sinks his cock into my pussy. I can feel my pussy getting so wet that sometimes it's even hard for me to keep up the tease. But I know that the longer I go, the sweeter it's going to make that moment of penetration." I could see by the look in Nina's sparkling blue eyes that she was getting turned on just by talking about her ultimate tease. It was becoming quite clear that we were going to have to let her give her horny pussy some much-needed release. If you want to see how Nina satisfies her needy pussy, go to, bringing you fresh new horny girls every week.

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