Indy Erotic Fantasy

Sexy Russian vixen Indy oozes sensuality from every fiber of her tight body. Her light copper hair and stunning turquoise eyes turn heads everywhere she goes, and she has her pick of men and women equally. Even though she's only ever dated guys, her steamiest fantasy involves a woman. "I would love to have a woman take complete control over me someday. And if I was dating somebody, I would want her to control both of us." As she went into detail about all the things this fantasy woman would make her do, Indy lifted her top, exposing a pair of succulent tits. She brushed her fingertips lightly back and forth over her puffy nipples and under her boobs, causing tiny goose-bumps to rise on her creamy smooth skin. Her fingers trailed down her sides and landed on her hips, and even though I saw her movements, I found myself lost in this erotic fantasy of hers and couldn't wait to hear more.

Indy knew she was drawing all of us in the room into her sexy dream world and was clearly enjoying the attention. She glided on her socked feet to the sofa bed, where she reclined with her feet up. Slipping her hands under her skirt, Indy teasingly removed her panties as she continued. "If she really knew what she was doing, she would bring me to the brink of orgasm and then stop. I wouldn't be allowed to cum. Then she could get me to do just about anything she wanted. Things I've never even imagined..." She trailed off, as if trying to imagine all the unspeakable things this woman would demand of Indy and her unsuspecting boyfriend. My own head filled with all sorts of images, from erotic to downright raunchy, and I had to snap myself back to the present or else I would need to go change my pants. Indy's panties were now off and her skirt up around her hips. As she opened her knees, her smooth-shaved pussy came into view. Her pink pussy lips were already swelling some, filling with sexual desire.

Just talking about her fantasy was obviously getting her worked up, because at that moment she spoke up again. "I can already feel my pussy getting wet!" Her cheeks flushed pink and she had a definite "fuck me"look in her eyes. Indy quickly stripped off the remaining pieces of clothing, not bothering to remove the little red socks still covering her feet. She climbed onto her knees with her flawless ass to the camera so she could steady herself on the back of the futon. As she raised one leg for a better view, Indy reached a hand between her legs. As soon as her fingers met her juicy pussy lips, a shudder took over her whole body. "Yes, definitely wet!" as she began stroking the silky wetness between her lips. Indy wasn't done with her fantasy though, and she certainly wasn't done working that tasty pussy. In fact, she was just getting started. If you'd like to see more, head on over to, where you'll find the entire sexy set (and thousands of others) all in high resolution.

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