Kali Kenzington Blowjob Dream

Nineteen year old Kali Kenzington from Southern California is a smoking hot red head who definitely knows a thing or two about pleasing a man. In this erotic sex scene Kali immediately got down on her knees and began rubbing her man's cock through his boxer shorts. He became instantly hard so Kali then proceeded to take out his cock and put it deep into her eager and ready mouth. Kali loved the sense of power that she felt whenever she gave a man a blow job. "I may be on my knees but I've got him by the balls." Kali had said to me before the shoot. "When I'm sucking his dick, I have all the power. Plus guys really seem to love it." She added with a naughty smile. Kali was a very gorgeous girl. Tall with beautiful red hair that fell down her back in soft curls. Light blue eyes and a super sweet smile. If you are into red heads then Kali is the perfect girl for you. If you aren't into red heads, then you will be soon.

After Kali had licked and sucked her lover's hard cock for quite awhile, she withdrew her lips and then stood up in front of him and in front of the cameras. She grasped the bottom of her sheer blue night dress then lifted it up and over her head. Fully naked, Kali looked even more gorgeous then before. She had smooth, white skin that reminded me of peaches and cream. Her tits were small and perky, her nipples small and pink. She had a flat stomach with a pierced belly button, long sexy legs, a hot shaved pussy, and her ass was simply the pink of perfection. Kali turned around then and proceeded to mount her man in reverse cowgirl position. He helped her slide down his dick with his hands on her hips. Once she had him comfortably fit inside her tight pussy, Kali began riding him up and down, faster and faster. As she did so, Kali felt herself become excruciatingly horny and her pussy became dripping wet with her horniness.

Kali and her lover fucked in reverse cowgirl position for a long time until Kali decided that she wanted to take him from behind. He had no objection to this suggestion and so the two lovers repositioned themselves on the bed in doggy style position. He couldn't seem to get enough of Kali's ass. He kept grabbing it and spanking it which only turned Kali on even more. She moaned out loud, her voice full of pleasure, gripping the bed spread as he pounded his cock deep inside of her. If you'd like to watch this hardcore video for yourself, plus see a lot more of the sexy Kali Kenzington, then go to Nubiles.net right now.

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