Vanessa Cage Finger Fuck

Vanessa Cage is nineteen years old, blonde, and beautiful. She was born and raised in texas but she just recently moved to Florida. "Yes, some people might think that because I was brought up in Texas, I'm one of those good Southern girls but actually I'm quite the opposite." Vanessa told me before her photo shoot. She had a hint of a Southern accent in her voice. "I was always a very naughty little girl." Vanessa said giggling. "I was always getting into trouble for sneaking off and making out with the boys. And I was the first one out of all my friends to lose my virginity. I was fourteen!" Vanessa exclaimed. Even I was surprised. That is pretty young! "Okay, I'm ready now." She said checking her appearance one last time in the mirror. She was dressed in denim shorts and a simple top. Her shoulder length blonde hair was styled in loose curls, her skin was beautifully tanned, and her lips were a pink and glossy.

As soon as Vanessa was in front of the camera and up on the bed, she pulled off her t-shirt and tossed it to the side. Underneath it she wore a gray bra, but she didn't keep that on for very long either. She soon discarded it and suddenly her full, ripe breasts and nice, big nipples were fully exposed. Vanessa smiled and squeezed her nice tits then ran her hands down the length of her torso to unbutton and unzip her denim shorts. She peeled them down to her juicy thighs and revealed her hot, shaved pussy. When Vanessa was completely naked she turned around and got on her hands and knees in doggy style position. Her curvy ass looked amazingly hot in this position especially when she threw a naughty smile over her shoulder and started doing the booty shake. Vanessa was a girl of many talents.

Vanessa then switched positions and lay down on her side, stretching her nice legs out on the blue bedspread. She had three stars tattooed on one of her feet and her cute toes were painted bright pink. Her finger nails were bright pink with white tips and her naval was pierced with a dangling belly button ring. Vanessa caressed her tits again, this time squeezing her nipples, and making them nice and hard. She then ran one hand down to her pink clit, where she proceeded to tease herself with one finger. Vanessa felt herself becoming excited and she just couldn't resist slipping a finger into her horny box. When she felt her own silky wetness, Vanessa reached back to get a better grip and finger bang herself from behind. See the rest of this naughty photo shoot right now, only at

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