Zoey Kush Wet Fun

Zoey Kush is one hot brunette with a very healthy sexual appetite. At nineteen years of age, she has that cute and petite type of body you just can't get enough of. All tight, slender, and smooth skin. Zoey was born and bred in America and she is the ultimate girly girl-sweet heart. She loves traveling, modeling, and of most of all- sex! "I have never gotten bored with sex." Zoey told me one Saturday afternoon as she was getting ready to take a warm shower. "Whenever I hear my girlfriends talking about how they get bored with sex with their boyfriends, I just do not understand it. How can sex ever get boring? If it ever even comes close to 'not exciting' then all you have to do is try something new or fun or kinky to spice things up. And the possibilities in that area are endless! Try toys, costumes, role playing, whips, chains, whatever you need to do!" Zoey laughed but I could tell she wasn't joking, she was serious. And I liked it.

As she spoke, Zoey let the towel that she had wrapped around her hot body, drop to the floor. Fully naked now, Zoey walked across her bathroom to the tiled shower and leaned in to turn on the water. She put her hand under the running water until it reached the desired temperature. Before stepping in, Zoey turned to give the camera a seductively sweet smile. She tossed her mane of dark curls over her shoulder and let the water run down onto just her toes. "Have you ever had sex in the shower?" She asked, leaning against the wall of the shower. Then without waiting for an answer she said, "It is so amazing." She said it dreamily with a faraway smile that told me she was fantasizing about one of her steamy sex sessions she'd had in her shower with one of her fuck buddies.

Zoey stepped forward to let the warm water cascade down over her whole body. Her skin glistened as she let the water soak her completely. She closed her eyes and slowly began caressing her breasts. Her nipples hardened and Zoey ran one hand down her her stomach until it reached her shaved pussy. She touched a finger to her clit and began rubbing it softly and sensually. Then she moved her fingers lower, slipping one into the pink slit between thighs. As she fingered her horny pussy, Zoey began to moan softly. See the rest of this steamy hot photo session, only at Nubiles.net.

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