Tiffany Fox Pantie Striptease

Tiffany Fox is one very foxy brunette. She is nineteen years old with a super cute and petite body type. Her long dark hair fell all the way down her back and looked beautiful against her pearly white skin. She had an adorably sweet face that matched her sweet personality perfectly. " That's funny because 'sweet' is the one word I think all my friends would use to describe me." Tiffany said when I told her what a sweet girl I thought she was. It is not often that you meet a girl as hot as she is with such a sweet personality to go with it. I think that makes her even hotter. Plus I loved that Tiffany was so excited about her photo and video shoot with us. "I always get excited before a shoot." Tiffany said, "Because I always have so much fun and I really love getting to play my naughty side when I get in front of the camera." Tiffany did look extra naughty for this shoot in a black bra and panty set with matching black knee-high boots. The all black ensemble looked amazing against her white skin.

Tiffany really wasn't kidding about bringing out her naughty side when she got in front of the camera. Right away she was showing off her hot body in all the right poses; putting one boot clad foot up on a chair to show off her long sexy legs, swaying her hips back and forth to show off her womanly curves. Tiffany then reached back with one hand to unhook her bra and soon she had exposed her set of full, ripe breasts. She bounced her tits and swung her bra around in her hand, doing a full on erotic strip tease. She was really having a blast and it showed. Tiffany then sat down in the chair, crossed her legs and tossed the bra aside. Then she reached up with both hands to caress her bare breasts and twist her pink nipples.

After making her nipples nice and hard, Tiffany decided to change positions. She got onto her hands and knees on the leather chair in doggy style position with her booty facing toward the camera. Her deliciously juicy ass was all pearly white skin and looked super sexy in the black thong. Her ass was so nice it made you just want to spank it. Tiffany threw a look over her shoulder that might have said she wanted to be spanked. I decided to ask her and when I did she laughed a naughty little laugh and said; "Spanking is one of my all time favorite fetishes!" With that, Tiffany reached back to pull down her thong and exposed her bare ass and hot pink pussy. Then Tiffany put one hand up in the air and brought it down hard onto her ass cheek, giving herself a nice, full on spanking. See what other fun and sexy activities Tiffany can come up with right now at

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