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Kylie Sky is an adorably cute eighteen year old. She is a California girl with a healthy appetite for hot sex. She's not a California blonde, but a California brunette and from my experience, brunettes are usually more naughty and freaky in the bedroom. And I think this shoot definitely proves my point. Kylie is making out with her hot stud and she's about to do a lot more than that and we get front row seats to watch the whole thing. Kylie pulls her red top up over her perky breasts to show her guy what he's about to get and he is certainly not disappointed. He grabs Kylie from behind and gives her a long sensual kiss. These two have really hot chemistry so get ready to enjoy this sexy, naughty ride!

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After Kylie rode his rock hard cock in reverse cowgirl a little longer, he pulled her off and lay her down on the bed. She lay back with her legs open and put one leg in the air as she waited for him to enter her again. When he did, it felt even better than the first time and she reached her hand down between her legs to rub her clit as her pumped in and out of her soaking wet pussy. This shoot is about to get even hotter and you will not want to miss it so go to right now!

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