Shelly Roberts Naked Wet Fun

Shelly Roberts is a cute and sexy, twenty year old blonde from the United Kingdom and one of her favorite things to do is play in the pool "Well, actually" Shelly says, "One of my favorite things to do is lay out by the pool and work on my tan. But I do like to play in the pool as well." She says with a sweet laugh and a smile. Shelly's accent makes her even more sexy. Here is a girl that guys wouldn't mind listening to. Shelly piles her long blonde hair up on top of her head. and gets ready to soak herself with the hose. She is wearing a white tank-top with nothing underneath, bikini bottoms, and pink sunglasses. "My favorite color." She explains as she puts the sunglasses on top of her head. "Okay, I'm ready. Time to get myself all wet!" In more ways than one, we hope.

Shelly sprays the hose all over her white t-shirt and suddenly you can see her breasts and nipples poking through the wet shirt. So hot. If this was a wet t-shirt contest Shelly would, without a doubt, be the winner. After fully drenching herself, Shelly sets aside the hose and says, "Okay, time to free the twins." We assume she is talking about her tits because she then starts to peel down the top of her shirt and leans over, revealing her amazing breasts and hard nipples. Shelly smiles at us and keeps peeling downing the shirt to give us an even better view.

Shelly finally peels the wet t-shirt all the way off and tosses it to the side. She has a nice, flat stomach with a pierced belly button and when topless, her tits look even better. Shelly also reveals a sexy little tattoo at her waistline as she begins to peel down the wet bikini bottoms. She continues peeling them off slowly until her shaved pussy is also revealed. Then she slides out of them, kicks the bottoms aside and stands up, hands on hips, fully nude and displaying all of her sexiness just for us. But Shelly doesn't stop there, see what she does next, only at

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