Henessy Toy Play

Sexy Henessy, a twenty one year old hottie from Russia, is a little bit of a nymphomaniac. She loves sex so much that even when she doesn't have a hard cock to ride, she makes due with what she does have. Like a little, blue, vibrating toy for instance. Henessy is sitting in the middle of her bed one sunny afternoon, writing a 'to-do' list, when she suddenly starts thinking about the last sex session she had with a particularly hot guy just a couple of days ago. As she remembered how good it felt, Henessy started to feel horny and she began to slowly peel off her pink satin bra to rub her nipples the same way her hot guy had done not long ago.

She rubbed her breasts until she had made her nipples so hard they stood straight up. Henessy was getting really turned on now. She started to peel off her silky panties, revealing her smooth, shaved pussy. Once she'd peeled the panties all the way off, she then tossed them aside and started fumbling around her room in the nude, looking for her favorite blue toy. Henessy smiled with delight, when she finally found it. "This should do the trick." She said to herself. She crawled back onto her bed naked and feeling extra naughty.

Henessy lays down on her stomach, sticking her nice ass up in the air. Doggy style was her favorite position after all. She slowly started to slide the toy in from behind. Henessy didn't even need to get the toy wet first, she was so turned on that her pussy was already soaking wet. She spread her legs open wider and pushed the toy in further. It felt so good. Almost as good as the real thing. But not quite! See just how naughty Henessy gets, only at Nubiles.net.

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