Sensi Pearl Stretched-out Hardcore

Sensi Pearl gets more than she bargained for after work tonight. He's been coming in for several weeks, and she's been hot for him. He finally convinces her to go home with him tonight, promising her a really big tip, and she can't believe her good fortune to meet a hot older guy who meets her requirement of being taller than 6'. He wasn't joking when he said he'd give her a big tip, either. His cock is bigger than her mouth, but Sensi loves to give head, so she does her best to open wide and take as much of his head into her mouth as possible. He places his hand on the back of her hair, encouraging her to take it deeper into her mouth, and she does! Her pussy gets so wet sucking on her new lover's cock, she won't need him to eat her- she's ready.

Sensi Pearl pushes him back onto his couch and sways her teen ass in front of him. He takes her by the hips, pulling her wet teen pussy closer to his big, throbbing cock. She mounts him, first sitting directly on his lap, and eventually realizing she'll have to open her legs as wide as possible to take his cock deeper into her tight teen pussy. She spreads wide in reverse cowgirl, giving her a little more control over the depth of his thrusts. He hits the top of her twat so easily, pushing with much satisfaction as the walls of her pussy squeeze against his shaft. He fucks her until she cums for him, spreading her sweet teen cream all over his shaft. But he wants to see if she can take him deeper now that he's got her warmed up.

He lays Sensi Pearl down onto the red couch. The fabric is soft against her silky skin, but she's only going to get it hard tonight. Laying behind her, he pushes his huge cock back into her swollen pussy, stretching her open with the head, teasing her. He lifts her leg high into the air so that they both can watch him fuck her. She feels so good, her pussy wrapped like a vise around his cock, and soon he starts pushing deeper into her, faster and fuller strokes as he works up to his own climax. Sensi Pearl has never had a cock this big, and the pain intermingles with the pleasure so that she cums in a way she's never climaxed before. From now on, she'll crave big cock. Like a tight fit around your cock? Watch Sensi Pearl take it all in the exclusive live footage of her hardcore debut, only on

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