Stesha Sweet Tanned Teen

Stesha is a beautiful blonde teen with real ambition, She's modeling to earn enough money to open her own salon. "Women should always be beautiful," so goes her philosophy. "If women are beautiful to look at, they get so much more out of life and their experiences." From the pink, glossy lips of babes! Stesha takes her own beauty rituals seriously: she's coiffed and waxed, tanned and toned. "Pampering makes a woman feel good, and pampering includes beautiful lingerie." Stesha only wears the finest, designer undergarments, like her favorite pink panties and demi cup bra. A little bit of black ribbon trim makes her really look like a present waiting to be unwrapped.

Slowly stripping her bra and panties from her tight teen body, Stesha reveals that she has not a tan line in sight. "In my spa, women will be free to bare everything. Every part of the body should be pampered and properly manicured. Clothes interfere with that process." She toussels her platinum blonde hair and casts come hither looks with her lusciously fringed and unusual grey-green eyes. Stesha's personal favorite body part is her chest- she's got full breasts and sweet rosebud nipples. But that's just the icing on the cake for us. Stesha's got some serious curves belied by her toned arms and flat abs. "That way, women will feel more comfortable embracing their sexuality at home. I believe in only pleasure, all the time."

To illustrate her point, Stesha begins to run her hands over her body, reveling in the silky texture of her skin. Her fingers find their way, naturally, to her sweet teen pussy, and she begins to massage her bare clit with her manicured fingertips. From the slight 5 o'clock shadow she's grown above her pussy, you can tell that Stesha is a natural blonde. Her pink pussy lips begin to swell with excitement as she strokes herself, legs spread wide and invitingly. The inner light of desire and pleasure never leaves her eyes as she arches her back with each stroke. Want to see a beauty queen cream herself? Wouldn't you love to participate in this daily ritual of pampering herself? Get exclusive access to Stesha, as well as thousands of tremulous teens, only on

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