Nolita Sweet Teen Dreams

Nolita is a 19 year old tease, who met up with us for her interview wearing leopard print lingerie under her blue jeans. "I have to go to work right after this, so this is how I dress for the dance club." Her sparkling hazel-green eyes held us captive as she giggled through the interview process, and Nolita blushed so innocently when we asked her about her sexual experiences. "I used to kiss on all my brother's friends growing up. They thought I was a pest, but I loved to sneak up on them and just kiss one randomly. I think they secretly liked it, too. My brother hated it though and always told me to go play somewhere else." she recalled, laughing and blushing, about the sexy game she played for several years into puberty.

"One day, my brother's best friend was expecting me. I went to sneak around from behind him and kiss his cheek, but he turned his head and kissed me on the lips! I was surprised because he'd always run away from me faster than the other boys. But he kissed me, and then he put his tongue in my mouth." Nolita began tugging at the thong back of her panties while she told us her story and posed for the camera. "We kept it secret from my brother for a long time. Every time we had the chance, we would do a little more kissing, a little more touching. He was the one who taught me how to give head. He was so sweet to me!" Brushing aside the topic of first love, Nolita asked if we could use these pictures of her creamy teen body to help her attain a very secret fantasy for her future: she wants to be a mail-order bride.

Pulling off her leopard print tube top, Nolita shows off her perfect teen titties and the creamy and tight form of her body. "Isn't that idea so romantic? You go to live with a complete stranger, someone you know nothing about, and have to learn everything about this person from scratch. You have to learn how to please them and how to love them. Men in America appreciate beautiful women, and are more exciting than men in Czechoslovakia." Modeling all the sweetness she has to offer, Nolita turns on her teen charm wearing nothing but a tiny thong! "I would be a very good wife! I would love to give my husband head every day to show him my love for him. I would give him 10 kids if he wanted. I would be very happy with that!" And wouldn't you? Learn more about Nolita exclusively on the internet's premiere source for wanton and willing teens- along with thousands of other choice beauties just waiting to please you!

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