Aldi Sleek and Slippery

After a long night spent at the strip club she works from, all 18 year old Russian beauty Aldi wants to do is come home and take a long, warm shower. "It's not that I feel dirty after working or anything. I'm usually just so horny and wound up that I would do anything to relax and release some of that tension. Masturbating in the shower is a good way to do that." Dressed in a pink dress with a peek-a-boo top and a short miniskirt that shows glimpses of her panties, Aldi heads straight for the bathroom and turns on the water to warm up before making quick business of slipping out of her clothes.

As soon as the shower is the right temperature, Aldi steps beneath the spray and stands still as she is drenched from the neck down. The rosy tips of her puffy nipples stand out against her pale skin as she slowly lathers her little tits with soap suds before moving down to cover her smooth shaved mound and long legs with the bubbles. "Dancing is such sweaty work. It is good to wash all the sweat and grime of a night's work away. But now that I'm nice and clean the real fun can begin..."

Switching the shower's spray from a gentle fall to a hard massage, Aldi removes the wand from its anchor on the wall and focuses the water first on her tiny tits, and then gradually on her lush bottom. "Fucking myself with the shower is one of the nicest ways I can think of to end the night," she murmurs as she grips her ass cheek and pulls it aside to aim the spray on her sensitive pussy. Leaning against the cool tile of the shower, Aldi plays the wand over her sweet twat and horny clit until she cums with a long moan of delight. If you want to see all of the high quality pics and video we captured from this steamy shower scene, be sure to head over to now!

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