Vanessa Sky Short School Uniform

At 18, Czech beauty Vanessa Sky is an all-natural newcomer to the adult modeling scene. "I decided to do some modeling while I finish up with secondary school to earn some money towards University. I had no idea how much fun it would be!" Still dressed in her school uniform of a white jumper, blue shirt, and knee-high socks, Vanessa curls up on the couch while she chats with us. Her long brown hair falls in a straight sheet down her back and the jumper rides high on her thighs, revealing a hint of blue panties that match the rest of her outfit.

As the conversation slows down, Vanessa smiles and touches her hand to the hem of her jumper. "Do you want me to undress now?" We agree that it would be nice to see a little more of her delicate pale skin, and our brunette beauty obliges us. Slipping her jumper and shirt over her head, Vanessa reveals her lovely body with its perky upturned boobs and generous curves. Wearing just her socks, Vanessa returns to the couch.

After a few more minutes of posing, she gestures shyly to a Magic Wand vibrator lying on the floor nearby. "If you let me use that I'll be sure to cum for you." Of course we tell that we'd love to see her use her toy! Settling back with her silky legs parted to show off her pink shaved pussy, Vanessa turns the vibrator on and applies the tip to her juicy slit. Her moans of pleasure are soft at first as she continues to slide the toy up and down, but they quickly grow louder when she concentrates her attention on just her sensitive clit. As promised, the vibrator helps Vanessa bring herself to an incredible orgasm--and that's just the beginning of what this cutie has in store. Head on over to to check out Vanessa's whole sexy shoot in high quality pics and video!

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Sapphire Blue Amazing Tits

Blonde babe Sapphire Blue from the UK loves to fuck and she's not shy about admitting it! "I'm the kind of girl who's always getting into crazy sexcapades, if you get my drift. I'm up for basically anything, anytime, anywhere. Collecting sex stories is pretty much a pastime." With her big boobs, long blonde hair, sweet smile, and perfect pale skin, this crazy coed is in the prime of her life, and she intends to make the most of it.

Sapphire greets us at the door to her flat wearing a plaid dress that is cut low at the neckline to show off her giant tits. The dress's high hemline showcases her long toned legs, and when Sapphire gently pushes her thighs apart we can see a flash of red lacey panties. "This is one of my favorite outfits to wear for a date. It really shows off all of my best assets, don't you think?" Running her fingers through her wild long hair, Sapphire traces a fingertip down her neck and across her incredible cleavage. "The best part about this dress is what I wear underneath, though. Do you want me to show you?"

The dress hits the floor a few moments later, and all eyes in the room lock in on Sapphire's bouncing bosoms, constrained only by a strip of satin that lifts without covering the stunning sight. With her pale skin framed by the striking red lace, Sapphire is a temptation no man would ever dream of turning down! "It's quite a picture, isn't it? I like to take my panties off first to make sure I'm open and ready if my partner just can't wait until the bra comes off." Sapphire demonstrates, wriggling out of her lacey panties and settling on the table to show off her soft shaved pussy before reaching up to relieve herself of the bra. You can see what this hot number does next only at, where all of the freshest girls on the Internet are brought to you daily.

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Melody Jordan Fucks on Couch

20 year old college cutie Melody Jordan has the perfect creamy complexion of a natural redhead and a curvy body that oozes sex appeal. To get a shoot with this college coed, though, we had to give in to a few of her demands. "I won't get intimate with someone who doesn't get me. You're going to have to find a guy who's a vegan and who's into volunteering his time for a good cause if you want a hardcore shoot." When we finally found a man who fit Melody's criteria and put the two of them together, it was clear that this beautiful bombshell would be worth the extra effort.

Dressed in just a clingy shirt and polka dot panties, Melody sashays her way towards her beau. She lifts her shirt as she walks, exposing her perky medium sized boobs that jiggle with every step she takes. Pulling the shirt over her head, she hooks her fingers into her panties next and slides them down her hips and long legs. Nude, she stands before her naked and aroused man and looks him up and down with frank assessment. "You, love, are absolutely perfect. I couldn't have dreamed up someone sexier."

Before her man can react to the compliment, Melody places her hand in the middle of his chest and pushes him backwards onto the couch. Climbing atop him, she plants a searing kiss on his lips as she slides his long dick between her plump ass cheeks and moves her bottom up and down to generate some pleasant friction. "This feels nice, but I what I really want is your dick inside of me." As she speaks, Melody adjusts her body so that a swift flex of her hips brings her tight hole down onto her man's pulsing erection. You can check out the whole raunchy shoot online in high definition pics and video right now only at

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Dillion Harper Kitchen Role Play

19 year old Dillion Harper has a vivid imagination and a flair for drama, which gives her infinite creativity when it comes to pleasuring herself. "I love role play so much that I don't even need another person. Even when I'm masturbating by myself I often find myself coming up with fantasies to act out." When we suggest taking some shots in the kitchen, Dillion is quick to come up with a scenario that gets her wet. "This is good. I'm a lonely housewife waiting for my man to come home. I want to make dinner to please him so he'll give me a good fuck later on tonight."

Slipping out of her shorts to reveal lacey boy short panties, Dillion runs her hand along the cool marble counter. "When I get in the kitchen, though, all of this cool tile looks so inviting. I think to myself that there's still plenty of time before my man gets home. Maybe I'll just sit on the counter and cum to take the edge off of waiting for him." Stripping off her lacey shirt to show off her round perky boobs and leaning down to remove her outrageous underwear, Dillion reveals her slim toned body and some incredible tan lines.

Knowing that she has our full attention, Dillion gives her sexy booty a little shake before hopping onto the counter and pulling out a drawer. She pulls out a long glass dildo and shows it to us with a radiant smile that has just a hint of mischief. "This isn't the first time I've needed to get myself off in the kitchen. I've started hiding toys in the drawers. My husband will never find them since I do all the housework." You can watch this little vixen put her dildo to work as she fantasizes until she orgasms right now only at

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Lilly Banks Outside Bikini

Once in a while if we're very lucky we will run into a model whose good looks are simply incredible and whose appetite for sex is insatiable. When we met 21 year old Lilly Banks, we knew right away that she was one of those models! Greeting us at the door wearing a sexy white bikini, this tanned temptress has our whole crew hooked with a smile as she turns and beckons us to come in. "Hey, you guys! I was just changing to go out and sunbathe while I waited for you. Too bad you're early. I was really looking forward to catching a few rays."

It's a beautiful day outside so we assure Lilly that we're in no hurry to actually get into the house. In fact, we're perfectly happy to get things started right where we are! Turning to glance over her shoulder at us, she tilts her head and her long blonde hair falls in waves over her shoulder. "Are you sure? Because I have no problem getting nude right here as long as you're okay with it." As she talks, Lilly's hands are at her hip and behind her back, simultaneously untying the knots holding her bikini on her body.

As the two pieces fall to her feet in unison to reveal Lilly's delectable curves and her shaved mound, we snap pictures as though our lives depend on it. None of us wants to miss a moment of this perfect unveiling! Laughing, Lilly steps inside the house much eariler than we expected her to and sinks down onto the hardwood floor. "I didn't want to sit down on the ground outside, but I'm definitely feeling turned on right now. Do you want to see what happens when I'm turned on?" Curling her knees up so that she can access her juicy slit from behind, Lilly slides a hand down her luscious bottom and slips a finger into her pussy so easily that we know she's already wet and ready for sex! If you want to see what happens next, head on over to to check out Lilly's whole sexy set in HD pics and video!

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Candice Love Cums on Couch

20 year old Candice Love leads a busy life, juggling her time between modeling, studying as a full time student, and working as an escort. "I don't have a lot of free time, but I love everything I do. I wouldn't give up any of it right now. Especially when I have such good success mixing business and pleasure with my escort and modeling services." We see exactly what Candice means about mixing business and pleasure when we catch up with her to shoot some photos as she's getting ready to go for an escorting gig.

The short polka dot dress she's wearing barely covers all of the essentials. With her long brown hair framing her pretty face, this college cutie is ready for a night of playing arm candy for her man. "I just love escorting, especially when the guy is hot. I don't really like to kiss and tell, but your imagination can probably fill in the details..." Lying back on the couch, Candice slides her spaghetti straps down her arms and pulls her dress down to reveal her little boobs with their stunning big areolas. She pinches her nipples, and then pulls her skirt up to access her creamy pussy.

Closing her eyes, Candice slides two fingers into her tight hole. "Mmm, just thinking about some of those evenings and what happened gets me so hot. I'm going to have to give myself a quickie to take the edge off before I go out on this date." Pumping her fingers in and out of her horny twat, Candice leans forward to palm the soft flesh of her rounded ass with her other hand. Squeezing her bottom, Candice cums with a moan. "That happened so fast, I wonder if I can get in another one before I have to leave." If you want to see how many times Candice can make herself cum, head on over to now to find her whole raunchy set in HD pics and video!

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Dillion Harper Orgy Fantasy

Almost everyone has a secret sexual fantasy, and 19 year old Dillion Harper is no exception. When we asked her about her to describe her sexual fantasy, she thought for a moment and then laughed as she flipped her dark hair back over her shoulder. "I'll tell you on one condition: I get to masturbate while I talk about it. It gets me that hot just thinking about it." Of course we agree, and to our delight Dillion takes a moment to remove her tank top before continuing.

"My fantasy is definitely participating in an orgy," she begins as she steps out of her purple shorts, showing us that she wasn't wearing any panties underneath. "I want to be part of a group of people who are so sex-crazed and horny that they can't keep their hands off of each other. There would probably be some alcohol involved, but not so much that we're all crazy drunk. Just enough to loosen us all up and let us have a good time."

Crouching on the floor, Dillion runs her small hands up her taut belly and then rests them just beneath her full round breasts. "I would definitely give as good as I get, but I love thinking about having a girl sucking on each of my tits while a guy fucks me. I even think that maybe I would like to give a blow job while being fucked. There are just so many possibilities when you add in extra people." Dillion really isn't kidding about getting hot just from describing her fantasy orgy! As she talks with a dreamy-eyed expression, she leans forward on a nearby couch and slides her hand between her thighs to massage her horny clit. You can watch Dillion fantasize about being in the middle of an orgy as she masturbates until she cums right now only at, home of all the Internet's freshest sexy faces.

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Lilly Banks Long Legs

Smoking hot 21 year old Lilly Banks is the type of all-American girl that men dream of taking to bed. This little hottie knows that she's got incredible looks, and she's not afraid to use them to make sure that she gets the pleasure she deserves! "I love to get dressed up in outrageous outfits when I'm getting ready for a date. If I'm really lucky the guy will decide he wants to stay in. If we go out, I'll spend the evening all hot and bothered knowing that every man in the room wants to take me home."

When we arrive for our shoot with Lilly, she turns up in a black and teal polka dot outfit that screams 'do me!' The bikini top highlights Lilly's little boobs, and the short miniskirt shows off her flat belly and her mile-long legs. We can't imagine any many taking this sizzling number out in public instead of staying in to indulge in the incredible sex her outfit promises! "This is one of my newest acquisitions. I haven't tried it out on a date yet, but from your expressions I think I'll have to! Would you guys take me out or decide to spend the night in?"

The crew unanimously agrees that if any of us had a date looking as hot as Lilly we wouldn't be going anywhere. Lilly laughs and reaches around to unhook her top. Letting it fall, she turns her back to us in a gesture that is just the right balance between shy and teasing. "You guys are really sweet. Are any of you single? I have a whole wardrobe of clothes just like this and I love to try them on." As you can probably imagine, Lilly's question caused quite a stir, and it really set the tone for this fun, flirty photo shoot. You can check out the whole set right now only at, home of all of the sweetest and sexiest girls online.

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Candice Love Study Masturbation

Studying for college exams can be boring, but 20 year old Czech brunette Candice Love has a great system in place. "I like to reward my hard work. Touching myself when I study is a great reward and it motivates me to keep going. Most of the time, anyway!" As she hits the books for her upcoming tourism exam, Candice is dressed for her version success. A black strapless tube dress that hits her at the tops of her long slim thighs gives her perfect access to her perky little tits and her horny pussy. With the promise of pleasure to come it's easy to motivate herself to start reading!

Within only a few minutes of study, Candice's hand has already strayed to the top of her dress and pulled it down to reveal one of her rounded breasts. Her big areola pebbles as she plays with her hard nipple. Soon she removes her other breast to give it the same treatment. Her attention stays on her books, but her soft sighs of pleasure give away how much she loves the feeling of playing with her tits. "This material isn't as difficult as I thought it would be. That's a good thing since I don't know how much longer I'll be able to pay attention."

Pushing her books aside and climbing onto the desk, Candice gives up all pretense of studying. She hikes her miniskirt up to her waist and pushes her simple white panties to the side to give herself access to her pink shaved slit. "Now it's time for my reward." Pushing two fingers into her tight hole, Candice pulls them out and spreads her juices all over her slit. Focusing her attention on her sensitive clit, she works herself towards an amazing orgasm. You can check out Candice's study session in high definition pics right now only at

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Dillion Harper Hardcore Rough Sex

19 year old Dillion Harper is an all-American hottie with a sexual appetite that could bring any man to his knees! This coed cutie is always up for a good time, and she's not afraid to take charge when it comes to making sure she gets her pleasure. "I'm pretty aggressive in bed. Rough sex really does it for me so I do everything I can to get my man turned on." Dillion arrives on the set looking hot a tight striped tank top that shows off her perky boobs and short shorts that showcase her long tanned legs.

When Dillion meets her man, she isn't shy about walking over to greet him with a passionate kiss. Her obvious interest gets her beau fired up right away; while their lips are still locked his hands are already at Dillion's tiny waist and climbing towards her firm round breasts. "Oh yeah, touch me like that," she moans, lifting her shirt to give him complete access to her puffy areolas and her tightly budded nipples. "Give me more, I want it hard!" Dillion's guy doesn't wait to be asked twice!

Helping her out of her tight little shorts, Dillion's counterpart sheds his clothes as quickly as possible to free his huge erection. Dillion doesn't hesitate in leaning forward to present her tight round butt and her sweet shaved pussy. "I'm all ready for you, big boy. It's all for you." Positioning the head of his dick at her wet entrance, Dillion's man enters her tight sheath in one smooth stroke. He pumps in and out of her quickly, giving her the rough hot sex she wanted! You can watch Dillion drive her beau wild in hd pics and video right now only at, where you can find all of the Internet's sexiest cum-hungry girls.

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