Ebbi Hardcore Panty Seduction

Do you remember Ebbi, the incredible emerging porn super star from Russia? We couldn't forget how sexy this slim exotic beauty was and how fun and easy she was to work with. When we saw that our members loved her as much as we did, we knew that we had to bring her back for another round of steamy shoots! She agreed to rejoin us on one condition: Ebbi wanted a second hard core shoot with the same model. "Do you remember the guy I fucked on camera the last time? We were so hot together that we kept seeing each other. We're kind of an item now."

Of course we were happy to reunite Ebbi and her man on camera, but things get off to a rocky start. Ebbi is ready on time but her man is nowhere to be found! She waits half-clothed in bed idly fondling her tits and jokingly threatening to start without him if he doesn't arrive soon. When he gets there, he greets her with a long, passionate kiss. "You're late," she accuses, "but I'll forgive you because you're a god in bed.". Already undoing the buttons on his shirt, he apologizes and promises to make it up to her between steamy kisses as he moves his attention down to her long neck.

The chemistry between these two is obvious as things heat up and clothes start flying. Ebbi's man is clearly enamored with her, tracing every inch of her tanned toned skin with his mouth and hands while Ebbi moans in pleasure with every touch. "You know I love foreplay, but doing this in front of the camera has me so turned on. I want to feel your cock inside of me when I cum!" Drawing his woman to her knees and bending her forward so he can slide his hard dick into her welcoming pussy, Ebbi's man grants her wish. You can watch these two lovers explore all kinds of passionate positions right now only at Nubiles.net.

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Luciana Sensual Dildo Play

19 year old Luciana is a total sexual deviant, but she's not shy or embarrassed about admitting it. "I love pretty much everything about sex. That's actually why I had the idea of pursuing a modeling career. I masturbate all the time and I just can't cum enough to be satisfied. Why not let others take some pleasure from my horniness, too?" Dressed in a pink bra and loose yellow pants to lounge around, Luciana rubs her hands lightly up and down her slim thighs, enjoying the feel of the soft material moving against her smooth skin.

Soon, though, those gentle touches aren't enough to satisfy this horny girl's appetite for sex. Unhooking her bra and arching her hips to slip out of her pants, Luciana is soon naked and wet for more. Her creamy slit gleams in the light as she adjusts herself to a more comfortable position on the chair and reaches down to massage her dripping pussy with the palm of her hand. Soon, though, she slows down her efforts and then stops all together. "This feels fabulous, but it's really not enough. I've already had an orgasm with just my fingers today. Now I want to feel some real penetration."

Fortunately, this ebony-haired goddess is prepared to take charge of her own pleasure. Within seconds she has retrieved a small stout dildo from the pocket of her discarded pants. Climbing atop the chair, she parts her creamy thighs to expose her shaved twat and then slides the toy up and down her juicy folds to lubricate it. Without any further foreplay she shoves it deep into her horny hole and throws her head back as pleasure spreads through her. "Oh yeah, that's what I've been craving. The only thing that would be better would be an actual cock fucking me." If you want to watch this hot number cum all over her dildo, head over to Nubiles.net now for full HD pics and video!

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Teresina Sexy in Red

Looking for a job post-college can be difficult, but 24 year old Teresina is trying her best. "I believe in the idea of dressing for success, but I don't want to look old or stodgy. I want to look young and beautiful and very confident in myself." In a strappy polka dot red dress and bright red high heels with her long silky hair hanging loose down her back, Teresina nails the image she is trying to convey. Her dress emphasizes her big tits and her slender curves and highlights her tan smooth skin to perfection.

As we snap pictures, Teresina offers us a wicked smile and slowly slides the spaghetti straps of her dress down her shoulders. "Of course, I have another trick up my sleeve when it comes to getting the job. If it seems like the hiring manager is interested and we happen to be alone, I'm not above offering a little bit of incentive to hire me..." As she speaks, she swiftly pulls the top of her dress down to reveal her large boobs. Her little nipples are already hard, making us wonder if this brunette babe has been fantasizing about securing her job through sex the whole time she's been talking to us.

Now that she's started the process of stripping out of her dress, she doesn't seem inclined to stop. Shimmying out of the fabric, Teresina is soon nude except for her high heels. "I think I actually want to secure my job that way, through seducing my would-be manager. It would set the tone for an excellent working environment, don't you think? I'd love to have a good fuck on the clock now and again." Pressing her back against the cool wall, Teresina slowly sinks to a couch that leaves her knees spread and her landing strip pussy wide open for her wandering hands to simultaneously slip into her throbbing hole and massage her pierced clit. You can watch this exotic beauty masturbate until she cums right now in stunning high quality pics and video only at Nubiles.net.

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Mia Gold Dripping Pussy Pleasure

23 year old Mia Gold is an all-American cutie with long brown hair and a tight body that manages to be slim and curvy in all the right places. Best of all, she loves to fuck! "I don't care if it's a guy or a girl, my hand or a toy. As long as I can get off almost every day I'm a happy girl." Bold and beautiful, Mia is quicker than usual to shed her clothes on this particular shoot. Within just a few minutes she stands nude before us, hands on her hips and waiting for the okay from us so she can masturbate.

I have to admit that we teased Mia a little, making her stand and pose for a few extra rounds of photographs. She was so eager and horny that it was fun to make her wait before she could take her pleasure. When at last we gave her the okay, she flopped down onto the bed and lay spread-eagled and open. "Finally! I thought I'd never be able to get started!" She doesn't waste any time in grabbing the purple glass dildo that she brought to the set with her and sliding it into her mouth to warm the cool glass.

Mia is already so turned on that doesn't need to spend much time warming herself up to take in the length of the toy. She lubricates it with a few shallow dips into her dripping pussy, and then shoves it all the way home with a gasp of pleasure. "Oh yeah, I've been waiting for this." She pumps the toy in and out of her drenched twat a few times, making little gasps with each thrust that clearly demonstrate how close she is to cumming. We knew before Mia ever came that this would be one hot orgasm you won't want to miss, and we were right on. Head on over to Nubiles.net to check it out now!

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Holly Belle Deep Dildo Masturbation

Returning home from a long workout always leaves Holly Belle horny as hell, but fortunately she isn't shy about taking care of her body's needs. "Sometimes I wonder whether I masturbate because I worked out or if I work out so I have an excuse to masturbate. All I know is that I love the combination!" Stripping out of her sweaty workout clothes, Holly slips out of her shorts and panties, and then lifts her shirt to reveal that there is no bra covering her medium sized boobs.

There's no doubt that this fresh-faced cutie is already really turned on; her nipples are puckered, and when she leans back against the wall and parts her thighs to show off her sweet slit we can see that her shaved pussy is already damp and glistening. "Do you see what I mean about workouts making me horny? All I want to do right now is cum again and again. I think I will!" Starting at the sensitive column of her neck, Holly runs the fingertips of both hands down her tanned skin until she reaches the bottom of her heavy tits. Cupping the round globes, she reaches up to pinch her diamond hard nipples.

As one hand continues to roam down toward her dripping twat, she leans forward and opens a drawer to withdraw a vibrator. "I would be lying if I said this was the first time I have come home from a workout and needed to fuck myself right in the entryway. I have learned to be prepared." She slides the toy down her body, circling her tightly budded nipples with the cool tip before moving lower and slipping the head of the vibrator between her glistening folds. As she turns it on and begins to fuck her horny hole, her moans of pleasure let us know that this is exactly what this sex-crazed coed needs. You can check out this brunette babe's whole set of high quality pics and videos right now only at Nubiles.net, where you can find all of the hottest newcomers to the adult modeling world brought to you weekly.

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Teresina Pierced Clit

Graduating from college is a big deal, as 24 year old Teresina has learned. "There are a million graduation parties to go to, and it's so fun! It gives me an excuse to dress up and have a great time. It doesn't hurt that I don't usually come home alone afterwards!" At Teresina's request, we arrange for a photo shoot in the hour before she is supposed to leave for one of her after-grad parties. She greets us at the door wearing a stunning red and black off-the-shoulder dress that barely covers all of the essentials. With her long brown hair hanging in a silken sheet down her back, she looks incredible!

"I'm so glad you made it," she comments as she closes the door behind us. "I kept you guys in mind when I dressed for this party. Would you like to see why I love this dress?" Without waiting for an answer, Teresina slides the stretchy fabric down her shoulder so that her big boobs spring free. Pinching one nipple into hardness, she hikes the miniskirt up to reveal that she has gone commando beneath the tight dress. As we admire her nicely trimmed landing strip settles herself with her legs spread wide on a chair.

Running her hands down her belly to gently part her thighs even further, Teresina spreads her pussy lips and shows us her glistening pink folds and her pierced clit. She fondles the piercing for a moment, closing her eyes at the obvious pleasure. "Quick fucks can be so much fun and this is the perfect outfit for it. See how easily I can be naked and ready? All I need is a willing partner and a place where we can be alone for a few minutes." Her hands roam her moist folds and her eyes drift closed as she speaks and falls into her own fantasy. You can watch this Czech beauty masturbate to take the edge off before her party right now only at Nubiles.net!

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Aimee Ryan Fucks Big Dildo

When we featured 18 year old Aimee Ryan earlier this year, we were thrilled with the response that this sexy newcomer to the adult world generated. She was so popular and fun to work with on the set that we knew we had to bring her back for another round of steamy shoots! "I was really new to modeling the first time I worked for you guys. Now I've got a few new tricks up my sleeve now that I can't wait to show off for all of my devoted fans."

Dressed in a casual tank top and teal short shorts, Aimee shows us how much better she knows what to do now. The last time we worked with her she was a little shy and hesitant, but this time she is all proud woman who knows the power of her slender body and delectable curves. "I've grown a lot fonder of masturbating on camera, too. In fact, I've expanded my horizons a lot since the last time we met. I want to show you one of my newest acquisitions."

Reaching behind her privacy screen, Aimee pulls out a huge dildo that is so enormous it has its own stand to prop it up! Setting it carefully on the middle of the chair, Aimee makes a big show of licking the tip and then wrapping her eager lips around the black rubber to wet it before standing up and discarding her shorts. "Are you ready to watch me take this big boy all the way?" Climbing atop the chair with the ease of plenty of practice, Aimee hikes up her shirt so she can play with her little boobs and perky nipples as she positions herself atop the dildo. Lowering herself slowly, she takes the entire length deep into her horny shaved pussy! If you loved Aimee the first time around you'll find her irresistible now-and if you've never seen this insatiable cutie before then you're msising out. Check out her newest shoot right now only at Nubiles.net!

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Mia Gold Bedtime Masturbation

23 year old Mia Gold is a sex-crazed coed who has found that she can't fall asleep at night without cumming. "The only way I can get to sleep every night is to go to bed nude and touch myself until I either cum or fall asleep. There's something really dreamy and peaceful about late-night sex. I think I'm addicted!" Mia ends another day in her traditional fashion, sliding out of her t-shirt and then her shorts. With no underthings to worry about, Mia is soon naked and ready to hit the sack—after some serious self-pleasure, of course.

Stretching out on her bed, Mia lightly fondles her little nipples until they bud into hard peaks that beg to be pinched. Her long brown hair slides over her shoulders as her head slowly lolls back and forth as desire begins to build deep inside. Continuing her pleasurable assault on her sensitive tits with one hand, Mia slowly lets the other drift down to cup her hot shaved pussy. "Of course I'm always much happier when I have someone else in bed with me to help me get off, but when I'm all alone there's no reason I can't still enjoy myself."

Shifting her position to make herself more comfortable in bed, Mia spreads her legs wide to give herself easy access to her horny twat. Her wetness is easy to see on her fingers as Mia dips into the warmth of her fuck hole and spreads her feminine nectar all over her smooth skin. "I can't help but get a little but messy when I finger myself. I love the way my juices feel when I spread it everywhere." Alternating between pressing her fingers deep into her tight sheathe and massaging her tender clitoris, Mia allows her eyes to drift closed as she works herself towards and incredible orgasm. You can watch this bedtime scene unfold in HD pics and video only at Nubiles.net.

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Holly Belle Button-Down Shirt

19 year old Czech beauty Holly Belle has just received her diploma and is now taking some time to find herself before she decides what she wants to do with her life. "I really want to be an Olympic gymnast, but I do not know if that dream is in the cards for me. We will have to see what the next few years bring. In the meantime, I can use my flexible body for other purposes..." Dressed in a button-down shirt and short shorts with her long brown hair held back by a pair of barrettes, Holly has a refreshing cuteness that would make any man want to see more.

Toying with the top button on her shirt, Holly slides to the floor and looks up at us. "One thing I do know about my future is that I really want to give this adult modeling thing a shot. I haven't done much of this, but I have loved it so far. I work hard to keep my body fit so I want to show that off." As she speaks she slides her hands down her shirt, revealing a few inches more of toned smooth skin with every button she undoes. As the shirt falls open, she raises her hips to slide her shorts down her long lean legs.

Climbing up onto the couch, this lithe lady plants her arms on top of the cushions and stretches out to show off her slim figure and thrust her perfect ass up into the air. Between her legs, her creamy shaved pussy is clearly visible. "The best part about exercising and staying in shape is how horny I get every day after I work out. Sometimes I feel like I am always masturbating!" Resettling herself back on the floor, Holly parts her thighs and runs her fingertips up and down her juicy slit as she begins to work herself towards an incredible orgasm. Do you want to watch this hot number get herself off? If so, head on over to Nubiles.net now!

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Teresina Peek-A-Boo Outfit

24 year old Teresina loves to design and make her own clothes, and she always adds a sensual twist to her creations. "Take this outfit for example," she says, hopping onto a table and curling her legs beneath her. "It looks like a perfectly normal skirt and tank top, right? But what you can't really see without looking closely is that the back is cut very low and the material is stretchy. It makes it very easy to pull it down and let my tits out quickly, even with big jugs like mine."

Tugging at the lacy straps of material on her shoulders, Teresina readjusts her tank top to free her large boobs. With sizable areolas and little nipples that tighten within moments, her tits are nothing short of perfect. "There are other surprises built in to my outfit just like this one. This skirt is fluffy and pretty short, but I have adjusted the waist to make shortening the fabric in the back very simple. It can become a miniskirt so I can show off my panties-or lack of panties-to anyone I want to seduce with just a few small adjustments."

Rising to her knees on the table, Teresina makes those adjustments and we watch, amused and impressed as her demure skirt hitches up to become a micro miniskirt that shows off her panties and the cheeks of her ass. "Do you like that? It's even better when I bend at the waist or don't wear panties. See?" Pulling her underwear down and leaning forward to thrust her bottom into the air, Teresina shows us the sight of her pretty shaved pussy that could greet the unwitting eyes of the man she's trying to catch with just a few clothing adjustments. We have to admit that it's pretty incredible! You can check out Teresina's whole peek-a-boo wardrobe right now only at Nubiles.net, where all of the cutest coeds online are brought to you daily.

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