Proxy Paige Horny Punk

Proxy Paige injects all things punk with a sexy edge. Make no mistake, this skater is no delicate desert flower. She's hardcore to the max, even if she still lives at home because she loves her mama's cooking. But she also has an ulterior motive. "There's this guy, a neighbor, who's like 45 but looks 30. I have a thing for older men. Every day I plot to seduce him. It would be so bangin' to fuck him in broad daylight right on the hood of his '69 Camaro. He washes it by hand every weekend. It's would be so righteous to ride him on the hood of his dream car!"

Just talking about her ultimate fantasy gets Proxy Paige hot! She pulls off her pink tube top to reveal the pink and turquoise leopard print bra, which she removes as well. "I hate these things, ya know? Bras, what do we wear them for?" Pierced nipples stand erect in the late morning sun streaming in through the windows of her mama's kitchen. Proxy has completely forgotten about the huge bowl of Fruity Pebbles she's poured for her breakfast. "Anyway, he's tall and skinny. You know what that means: he's got the best dick on the street. I bet he's long and thick, the perfect size for riding!" Proxy Paige slips out of her
shorts, too, but leaves her pink and grey tube socks on.

"Maybe I'll seduce him today," Proxy ponders as she strips off her matching panties. "I wonder how he would react to me if I just showed up at his door, totally naked, and told him I was going to fuck him. Would he let me?" Her full but tidy bush begins to glisten with wet as she continues to consider her tactics. "Maybe I should build a skate ramp over his car. I could fall, and he'd offer to clean up my scraped knee or something. And then I'd just grab his cock and go from there." Who in their right mind could turn down such a brazen blonde? Her trim figure and her willingness to do all the work attest to her sexual prowess, and even an older man isn't safe from her ravenous, barely legal ambition. Find out if you're the neighbor she's fantasizing about, exclusively at

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Tess Teen Lesbian Hardcore

Tess is Nubile's latest Czech babe. This hot brunette prefers the ladies, and we caught her in the middle of some hot lesbian action. She and her girlfriend had planned to go hiking, as Tess loves having sex out in the middle of nature, but the weather didn't permit. Tess opened all the blinds in her living room so that she and her lover could get as close to nature as possible while they make love. And there's really nothing more natural than the sensual exchange between two beautiful women. They never did get dressed this morning, so nothing but a fierce desire was between them while they waited for the morning coffee to brew. Tess tenderly kisses her lover 'good morning', and before long, each kiss becomes more sensual, more sexual, until they're both too weak in the knees to stand.

Tess' girlfriend can't wait to taste her sweet teen pussy, and lays her back against the windowseat. Kissing her lips, her breasts, the girlfriend works her hot kisses farther down Tess' body. Eventually, after much teasing, she finds the sweet spot, and begins to lick and lick Tess from her clit to the back rim of her pussy. Moaning, Tess' breath comes faster, shuddering with delight as her lover finds each one of her favorite spots. With her hands stroking Tess' ass, her girlfriend takes turns spanking and kissing her firm and full teen ass before burying her tongue deep inside Tess' teen pussy. Tess explodes in ecstasy, her youthful body tensing and releasing as each wave of pleasure courses through her. Tess sits up, kissing her girlfriend full on the mouth to thank her for the pleasure; and preparing her lips and tongue to return the favor.

Tess kisses her girlfriend passionately, letting her hands wander over her blonde babe's body, before slipping down to her knees to kiss and lick her girlfriend's wet and sweet pussy. But her girlfriend wants more. With stealth and efficiency, Tess retrieves a clear acrylic dildo from a nearby drawer. She alternately rubs her girlfriend's clit with her toy, and then her tongue, until the girlfriend begs to feel it inside of her. Tess is only too happy to oblige, gliding the toy, knob by knobby inch, in and out of her lover's sweet teen pussy. Tess hungrily laps up all the sweet nectar that runs from her lover's pussy, flicking her clit with a velvety tongue, until her girlfriend screams out with pleasure. Talk about your morning sex! These sweet teen lesbians are hot! Want to watch the video, and see just how sexy smooth these babes are, firsthand? Please do! Two sexy sets of legs open up for your pleasure, exclusively at

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Jessica Lynn Tazer Toy

Jessica Lynn masturbates twice a day when she doesn't have a man to fuck. Her favorite toy is a vibrator with rolling balls that tickle every inch of her athletic, tanned teen body. She starts her session by rolling the balls of her toy over her pink nipples, making them erect with the tingling sensations. "Mmmm, this feels really good," she moans as she rubs her toy over each nipple. The almost super sonic vibrations start to really turn her on, and it's not long until Jessica Lynn is running her buzzer down her body to stimulate her tight teen pussy, as well.

"Ooh, it feels so good right here!" Jessica Lynn rubs the rim of her ass and her pussy at the same time with her buzzing little toy. This sends vibrations to all the right places, and it isn't long until Jessica Lynn is wet and working her way to a hard first climax. Reaching around to stimulate both holes, Jessica Lynn's body is at the peak of perfection: lean, suntanned, and constantly hungry for sexual satisfaction. She moves her toy against her body in small movements, focusing her pleasure, and letting the sonic waves course and coax her into even higher states of arousal.

Deciding to lean against the wall, so she can pretend her lover is behind her, Jessica Lynn continues to attack her tender teen pussy with her vibrator. Propping up one leg onto a stool, Jessica Lynn angles the toy precisely so that she can hit right behind the pearl of her clit. She maintains her balance through the trembling climax coursing through her body as she moans and pants and stifles a little sexy scream or two. It's not long until this basketball player hits the final buzzer, climaxing as her toy's balls tease the rim of her pussy. Jessica Lynn loves to please, loves to masturbate for you. Watch more action, plus Jessica Lynn's hardcore debut, exclusively at, the internet's premiere source for sweet teen action.

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Samantha Vasili Sweet Shower Sugar

Samantha Vasili is Nubiles's latest blonde bombshell. She uses her background in Biology to make homemade spa treatments. Her favorite is a scrub she concocted, using pomegranate juice, honey and brown sugar. Samantha uses fast, circular motions along her tight teen body, letting the scrub sit a bit longer on her teen titties. "I want them to taste so sweet, like a dessert to the guy who tries to bed me tonight." She spends an extra long time rubbing the natural pumice onto her sweet teen ass. "Mmm, I love to have my ass rubbed. This turns me on very much!" As her pussy begins to wet with the stimuli, you can bet it tastes as sweet as sugar, feels so soft and smooth!

"Ilove the feeling of being wet, my skin slick and smooth." Samantha runs the wand of her shower head over her tight teen torso, moistening her newly revealed skin as the water trickles over her smooth body. "It really turns me on to pamper myself before a date!" She opens her long legs wide, running the warm water in direct currents across her labia, rinsing her clit of any remaining scrub. Dropping the shower head, Samantha uses her fingers to rub her clit a little more, relishing the sensation of of her slick fingers against her tender teen clit. As her excitement grows, so do her thoughts about the sexual conquest she may have tonight. Perhaps she will be the one seducing him?

Samantha steps out of the tub, grabbing a fluffy pink towel to dry off her youthful body after her sexy shower! Her clit, having been freshly scrubbed and stimulated, is full and pulsing with anticipated pleasure. Samantha uses this little ritual, and just the right amount of stimuli, to amp up her sex drive so she's ready for anything. "It is best to always be a little hungry for sex." Wise advice from a newly blossomed teen dream. Wouldn't you love to be the lucky guy she rubs up on as she goes out with her friends tonight? Want to taste every sweet and silky inch of Samantha's body? See more, and get more, exclusively at

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Noleta Nubile Daydreamer

Noleta is a cute Czech who longs for romance. Innocently sucking on a lollipop and sitting on the counter in the kitchen, this teen dreamer fantasizes about love and romance. Though her appearance is sweet and pink, from the flower in her hair to the toes of her patterned stockings, Noleta has had a few sexual experiences she'd love to do again. "I love to give head!" she confesses, swirling her lollipop between her tongue and her lips. "I would do anything for the ones I love. My last boyfriend liked some really naughty things, and I tried them because he wanted to do those things with me." She begins unbuttoning her blouse so that we can see her teen titties in all their naked glory.

Noleta leaves her blouse on, unbuttoned, but doesn't hesitate to remove her shorts to model her silver heart pink g-string thong panties. "Aren't they too cute?" she asks. We think Noleta is too cute! Her brilliant blue eyes and blonde, silky hair are captivating, almost distracting the eye from the firmness of her youthful body and tanned skin. "I'd love to go to California, and check out all the hot tan guys on the beach." Noleta looks like a sweet Cali girl, as it were, and we think she'd fit right in sunning her sweet teen bod on any of our beaches- bathing suit optional. "But I only go for guys who smell good. If I think he smells good, I'll take the time to get to know him better. For me, it's not all about physical appearance. Smell and personality!"

Leaning onto one arm, Noleta's blue eyes glaze over as if lost in a daydream. "I'd love to marry a guy who was nice, and have a great adventure with him. He and I could travel the world, and then buy a hotel and live there running a resort together." Noleta is working hard to achieve her half of that goal, modelling to earn the money to buy a hotel. "I would not want to do that alone," she continues, illustrating what she means by rubbing her sweet teen clit. "I'd want to share that dream with a man who I could also share my body with. I don't have many experiences, compared to girls my age, and there are so many firsts I'd like to have." Get to know all the firsts Noleta can share with you, or find the girl of your dreams from among thousands of other teen dreams, exclusively on

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Jessica Lynn Trophy Teen

Jessica Lynn is a college cutie who loves to have sex. She's a take charge teen who knows what she wants in life, and in the bedroom. She's just getting home from college, and she's feeling lusty about her Professor. "I think he's going to be the Dean someday! Wouldn't that be great if we fell in love and he became the Dean? It wouldn't matter, then, if I finished one degree or another. What would matter is that I was his wife, and I'd have accomplished my goal for the future." She says goodbye to her BFF, closes her cell phone, and tugs off her plaid keds and cute ankle socks. Her shorts come off next, and the cool air feels so good between her legs. And just in time, as her teen twat becomes hot all on its own as she begins daydreaming about her imaginary future with her very hot Professor.

"I know what older men want," Jessica Lynn continues. "They want a hot, younger wife who hasn't been drowned with responsibilities and stress. A man wants to come home to a wife that always wants him. A wife who's proud of her body and willing to share it with him. I think every man deserves to have a trophy wife. Seriously." Jessica Lynn pulls up the hem of her t-shirt to reveal her perfect teen titties. "Of course, he'll fall in love with my eyes, of course, and my smile. But I always have and always will make sure to stay fit and tan because you have to be a whole package, you know?" Jessica Lynn's smoking hot body has no tan lines, which means she's no stranger to spending long afternoons by the pool, naked in the middle of the afternoon.

"Speaking of whole packages, I make sure that I have no hair on my body. I hate those hairy girls. Seriously, a big ol' bush is like a breeding ground for bacteria and diseases. No one wants to go down on a jungle. Gross." Her hairless pussy looks so inviting as she bends over into a doggy style position, stretching her lean body and cooling off after a long, hot summer day. "Anyway, I've taken every class he's offered, even this summer session class. I've had a crush on him since my first term in college! I don't even care about the subject," she giggles, "I just know that he's going places, and I would look so good on his arm."
Could you be the Professor that Jessica Lynn is hot and horny for? Are you a man climbing the corporate ladder, in need of a trophy wife? Meet Jessica Lynn, and hundreds of barely legal teens whose only ambition is to please you, exclusively at

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Samantha Vasili American Dream Teen

Samantha Vasili looks just like any other red-blooded American girl. Long blonde hair, firm teen titties topped with tiny nipples, and a smile that could stop traffic. She's even got her belly-button pierced. But this Russian cutie only aspires to be American made. "I decorated my room in American colors to remind me to work hard. I am going to study at an American university next year, and I hope to get to stay there for the rest of my life!" Samantha muses. "I am sure I can have career in sciences anywhere in the world, but I want to marry American man. American men are so much sexier, and I have always desired to be with one."

"Just to think of that makes me very horny," Samantha confesses, pulling her blue thong over her slender hips and down her long legs. She reaches into a basket which holds carrots she's grown in one of her biology courses, producing an orange vibrator. "I have always called this toy my carrot," she giggles, "and now I have the perfect thing to keep it in plain sight without anybody finding it." The red and white satin stripes of the curtains remind her of her fantasy- to be bedded on satin sheets by her fantasy American husband, of being a Midwest farm girl. "I would let my husband do this anytime he wanted." Samantha inserts the bright orange toy into her tight teen pussy, pushing it into her in smooth, slick motions.

"I do not climax in this position, but I have heard that American men prefer this way. It is called the doggy style?" Samantha Vasili then shows us what she would do with her husband's cock when he was finished. "It is right that American girls eat meat and potatoes? I can show them what carrots are good for." Putting her toy into her mouth, Samantha shows us that she would suck the last bits of his cum, along with her own sweet teen cream, off of his cock. "I love my carrot!" she confesses between licks, really doing an almost professional job of cleaning her carrot. Samantha Vasili is a horny little teen dream, and she loves the taste of her sweet teen pussy juices on it after she's done masturbating. Wouldn't you love to have Samantha treat your cock as good as she does her dildo? Or to teach her how to cum in doggy style? Though she won't be in the States for a few more months, you can have exclusive access to this hot and horny teen today, but only on

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Noleta Self-Pleasing Teen

Noleta's favorite color is red, and she's looking smoking hot in her lace bra and panties. Bent over her bed, Noleta thinks about how good it feels to get fucked doggy-style, but with a special treat: Noleta loves to have her hair pulled! Unfortunately, she doesn't have a boyfriend currently, so she's checking herself out in the mirror across the room. Noleta admires the curves of her taut teen ass, the concave shallow of her stomach and back as she poses in her favorite position. She practices a sexy pout and starts recalling the last time she saw herself like this in the mirror... with her boyfriend's cock buried inside her. The images of that experience thrill her, and her pussy begins to tingle.

She unfastens her bra first so she can play with her tiny teen titties, rubbing them to her chest and pinching the nipples the way her boyfriend used to. Her sweet teen pussy begins to water, and Noleta pulls her thong panties off, one hip at a time. Once she's naked, she begins to rub her pink clitoris, beginning to work her way to a satisfying climax. She recalls the sensations of having a hard dick inside her newly blossomed body, but that sours her masturbation a bit because it makes her think about how much she misses having a boyfriend. Focusing, instead, on the pleasure, she realizes that she needs a little something more if she's going to cum.

Noleta reaches into her nightstand drawer and pulls out her clear, knobby dildo. That's exactly what she needs: something long and hard deep inside of her. She's worked her clit long enough to be at the breaking point, her pussy wet with sweet teen juice, and her toy slips easily into her tight teen pussy. Working the toy into her from behind, Noleta can fulfill her desire for a dick inside of her, doggy-style, and fuck herself to total satisfaction. It's almost a shame to see such a cute teen all alone, but the images of a wanton young woman are hot! Check out Noleta, or choose from among thousands of hot and horny teens masturbating for your eyes only, exclusively at

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Jessica Lynn Hardcore Debut

Jessica Lynn loves cock, especially when it's an older man's. Like a good Trophy Wife in training, She pulls off every item of clothing she's wearing, and strips her man naked. Immediately, she's got her mouth on him, pleasing him and encouraging a helluva big erection with her sweet teen mouth. Her velvety pink tongue has a few tricks to keep her blowjobs interesting, and her hands are adept at stroking his long, hard cock. Jessica Lynn's hazel green eyes show her desire to have the opportunity to please her man. She'll do whatever he needs so that she can secure him to herself. The hardened nipples of her teen titties can't conceal that giving head to an older man really excites her, and start her juices flowing!

Jessica Lynn mounts her man with all the grace she can, considering how excited she is to get to fuck this well-endowed older man. His cock slips deeply into her tight teen pussy, and she rides him with long strokes. Her wet desire coats his cock, and he begins to pump faster into her, pushing deeper as her tight, young pussy stretches to fit him. Jessica Lynn loves to be on top, and she thrusts her hips against his as her body begins to climax. He plays with her sweet titties, teasing her nipples with his thumbs as he cups her firm breasts. Jessica Lynn knows her man needs to please her, and she cums hard for him!

Her lover, being an experienced older man, turns her around to ride him reverse cowgirl. He knows she's dying to watch his big, hard cock push into her young body. Watching her man really turns her on, and she begins the climb to climax again. He opens her legs wider, grabbing her from under the thighs to better direct her. He's going to teach her how he wants to be ridden, and she loves the sensation of being so exposed! Her tender teen pussy has never had the joy of such a big cock, and her lips are swollen and raw from the expertise way he's fucking her. Her pussy glistens with wet as she climaxes for him, yet again, using her lithe body to help milk out his cum into her sweet pussy. Watch Jessica Lynn learn how to please her man in her debut hardcore performance. Only the hottest, horniest teens available online, only on

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Ashley Abott Teen Temptress

Ashley Abott is home from college for a long weekend. While she's there, she takes advantage of some alone time to indulge in her favorite fetish: dressing up in her mom's lingerie and lounging around the house. "My mom's been married like 7 times or something. She always has new lingerie, and she never even wears it! I pick the prettiest ones, try them all on for size, and then keep my favorites. She never even notices!" Ashley Abott models her newest pick: a black and pink baby-doll with matching panties, and a brand new pair of bow-topped white fishnet stockings. "It's too bad none of my mom's shoes fit me. She has some really sexy shoes!" Her tight teen body is surprisingly sexy in lingerie that would suit an older woman."I just love the feel of quality lingerie, you know? It makes me feel so sexy!"

Slipping out of the baby-doll, Ashley Abott pauses for just a moment to showcase her firm, round ass. "As much as I love the feeling of wearing lingerie, there's really nothing better than taking it off! I like to imagine that my fantasy man is undressing me, brushing his big, strong hands all over me as he gets me naked and ready for pleasure." Shifting her hips and ass to pull the baby-doll over them, Ashley Abott continues, "I get really turned on just thinking about it! Maybe that's why I masturbate so much." she giggles. Ashley Abott's skin is tan from head to toe, but her nipples are the most delicate shade of pink. They sit atop her teen torpedoes like the sweetest treat just ready to eat. Her fawn brown eyes are flirty and coy while she pulls off the lingerie's matching bikini panty.

Ashley then reclines onto her daybed, massaging her teen titties until her soft pink nipples are as hard as rocks. The soft velvet of her coverlet feels so sensual against her fresh, youthful body as she begins to move and grind against it. Reaching down to play with her creamy pink clit, Ashley Abott's fingers quickly become wet with her desire. She slips first one, then two fingers inside her sweet teen meat and moans "I love to be fingered! Mmmm... I love to be fingered even with a cock buried deep inside me!" She teases her pussy, building her excitement higher and higher until her whole body shakes with pleasure. With one wet finger, she massages her clit in soft, slow circles as she rides out the final waves of her climax. And she finishes just in time- because her cellphone starts chiming, which means she's got a party to go to! Want a few moments alone with her, before she runs off to the party? Catch Ashley Abott's hardcore action on, or take your pick from thousands of other hot and horny teens!

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