Naughty Coed Amanda Blake

Blonde babe, Amanda Blake is bringing out her inner naughty school girl in this smoking hot photo and video shoot. The twenty-one year old hottie from Hungary is dressed in a red and white plaid crop top and matching ruffled mini skirt. Her tanned, flat stomach and washboard abs are fully exposed along with her juicy thighs and curvy hips. Amanda sat in a black chair at a glass table writing in a notebook and looking extremely sexy. Her long blonde hair fell all the way down to her small waist and she smiled her dazzling white smile right at the camera.

Amanda put down her notebook, stood up, and began her erotically strip teasing for the camera. First she untied her top from the front and let her pair of perky, ripe breasts escape the confines of the material. Then, topless, Amanda swayed her hips back and forth as she began sliding off the tiny skirt. It fell to the floor, leaving Amanda standing there in nothing but a white g-string thong. Amanda then crawled up onto the glass table and spread her hot body out on her stomach with her curvy round ass fully exposed in the white thong. She had a very sexy tattoo at the small of her back. Amanda wrote something down in her notebook before throwing a seductive look over her shoulder to the camera.

Amanda then turned over onto her back. She started caressing her bare breasts and twisting her pink nipples, making them nice and hard. Then she ran her hands down her tummy and under her white panties. She brought her legs up and pulled the panties down around her thighs. Her legs were spread open wide and her pink pussy was fully displayed and fully shaved. Amanda then touched her finger to her clit and closed her eyes. As she rubbed her horny pussy Amanda started moaning. See this naughty photo and video shoot for yourself right now, only at

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Allie James Toy Play

Allie James is a busty blonde babe from upstate New York. She worked on her Father's farm there until just recently when she finally turned eighteen. "I used to have to milk the cows and feed the chickens and the horses every single morning at the crack of dawn." Allie told us, "I was always counting down the days until I turned eighteen so I could take off and become a model." And now Allie's dreams have finally come true. Fresh faced and barely legal; Allie James has all the right qualities to become a nude modeling sensation. With her blonde hair, blue eyes, creamy white skin, and womanly curves in all the right places; Allie has got the looks, the body, and the sex appeal. "I have always dreamed of becoming a nude model." Allie said, "And I figured I might be good at it because all the boys were always trying to get me naked back on the farm.". And with that Allie pulled her top up over her head and displayed an amazing pair of full, luscious breasts with nicely sized pink nipples.

Topless, Allie ran her fingers lightly over her bouncing titties and twisted both her pink nips, making them hard in the centers. The camera men were going wild snapping pictures and capturing video, moving around, trying to get the best angles of Allie's sexual seduction. Slowly, she started moving her hands from her large breasts, downward, over her tummy, and resting them on the waist of her pink short shorts. She toyed with the button, teasing the cameras like a strip tease pro. Both camera men held their breath as Allie slowly unbuttoned and unzipped. Finally she peeled the shorts down to her thighs and Allie's completely shaved pussy was fully exposed. It did not disappoint.

Now completely naked, Allie got onto her hands and knees and crawled to the side of the bed where she reached down to pick something up off of a pillow. She held the retrieved object behind her back for a few seconds, savoring the moment of undivided attention. All eyes were on her as she slowly moved the object to the front and center; displaying a good sized pink rubber dildo. Allie smiled a deliciously naughty smile and went to work soaking the toy with her mouth. When it was dripping wet Allie turned around so that her curvy, round ass was facing the camera in doggy style position. Slowly, she slipped the wet toy into the pink slit between her legs and let out a soft moan of delight. See the rest of this smoking hot video and photo set right now, only at

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Lindsey Olsen Pussy Lick

Lindsey Olsen is a twenty-one-year old, brunette hottie who lives in Russia. Her dream fantasy is to try out lots of kinky, fun things in the bedroom. So in this hot and sexy photo and video shoot, Lindsey was extra excited to get nice and naughty with her boyfriend on camera. She arrived on the set wearing a denim mini skirt, yellow and white striped t-shirt, and a pair of white leg warmers. As soon as he sat down on the couch, Lindsey sat down on his face. She just got right up on the sofa, straddled her legs around his head, hiked up her mini skirt, (she was not wearing panties underneath) and lowered her hot pussy onto his face. He went right to work with his hands on her thighs, licking her in all the places he knew she liked. And Lindsey sure did like it all right!

So after that sexcapade went down, Lindsey decided to return the favor. So she went down on him. But first she stripped off all her clothes and let them fall to the floor around her. She left on her white leg warmers though. This seemed to arouse Lindsey's boyfriend and so she then got on her knees next to him on the couch and slowly and erotically unzipped his fly. He leaned back and made himself comfortable as Lindsey took out his hard cock and put him into her mouth. She stroked him, sucked him, and licked him up and down, just as he had done for her.

Lindsey was giving her boyfriend such an amazing blow job that he had to make her stop a few different times because he wanted to last as long as possible. Finally after the third time, Lindsey stopped, looked up at him, smiled, and said, "Let's fuck." He happily agreed and stroked her silky hair. See the whole sex scene in this hardcore video and picture set, only at

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Amanda Blake Pink Lingerie

Twenty-one year old Amanda Blake from Hungary is one hot ass blonde babe. Her tight body has curves in all the right places and her long blonde hair is a dynamic combination of pure sex appeal. "Men just can not resist my sexuality." Amanda told us. "Older men, younger men, rich men, all men. They all want me!" She said in a sensual voice, laughing lightly. And we could certainly see why men can't resist her. Amanda definitely had it going on, especially in this naughty photo shoot of Amanda dressed in nothing but a sheer pink leotard and nothing else but a seductive smile.

As soon as the camera was in position and shooting, Amanda began sliding the straps of the leotard off her shoulders. She pulled it down below her pair of perky breasts with their sexy pink nipples on display. Amanda then produced a bottle of lotion and proceeded to squirt it all over her tanned skin, concentrating it mostly on her tits. Then Amanda unhooked the bottom half of her leotard and suddenly her smoothly shaved pussy was fully exposed. Amanda rubbed the lotion in between her legs and all around her hot box as well.

Amanda continued caressing the lotion into her tanned skin making her hot body appear to be glowing and silky smooth. She parted her legs even more, giving the camera an even better view of her pretty, pink pussy. Amanda had a whole pink theme going on with her pink laced leotard, pink nails, pink lips, and of course her hot pink pussy. Want to see even more sexually explicit photos and videos of Amanda Blake? Check her out right now, only at

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Allie James Hardcore Fuck

Allie James is an eighteen year old hottie with a banging body. She loves oral sex. Giving and receiving. "I can give a mean blow job." Allie said proudly to her fuck buddy as they got ready for their sex scene, "And by 'mean' I mean 'outstanding'. At least that is what I've been told by every guy I've ever gone down on. And I'll be honest, I've gone down on quite a few guys." Allie giggled and then added, "There isn't a whole lot to do out in the country!" (She grew up on a farm in upstate New York) Allie continued; "Milking a cow is in many ways the same as giving a blow job." She explained, "Except that with a blow job you use your mouth but basically your working to achieve the same goal. You want it to squirt out a tasty white liquid." As soon as Allie said this, her fuck buddy's cock turned instantly hard. Boing!

And then they were off! Allie went right into action. She got down on her knees, took his hard cock in her mouth and showed him exactly what she meant by giving a 'mean' blow job. And he loved it. With his dick in her mouth, his hands were all over her voluptuous naked body. He loved caressing her bouncing ripe breasts, round curvy hips, milky white thighs, and soft juicy ass. Before long, Allie was sucking him so good that he had to make her stop to keep from blowing his load after only a few minutes of deep throating pleasure. Allie smiled up at him and said; "I told you I was good!" He smiled back at her and layed her down on the couch. Allie parted her thighs for him and he slid his massive hard-on into her silky wet pussy. Allie gasped with surprise and delight at how amazing he felt.

Allie and her lover fucked in missionary position for quite awhile. He started out slowly and sensually but soon Allie was begging him to fuck her harder. So he did. He pumped away, in and out, pounding her horny pussy harder and harder until Allie felt herself reaching the most mind blowing orgasm she had ever experienced. "That was so amazing!" Allie exclaimed, gasping for breath. But they weren't done yet. Not even close. "Let's do it doggy style now." Allie said excitedly. She was ready for another one of those amazing orgasms. You can watch this hardcore video for yourself right now! It is only at

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Amanda Lee Ice Cream Pussy

Amanda Lee is an exotic, Russian, brunette beauty who is into all sorts of kinky and wonderful things. She is twenty years old and has tried almost every kind of sex toy on the market. Which is why, in this hot photo and video shoot, we get to see Amanda trying out an assortment of different toys on her hot and horny pussy. First, Amanda enters the room in a silky, purple lingerie night dress, with her trusty sex toy in hand. She mounts the bed and makes herself comfortable against the pillows before going to work on herself. "I just really love to play with myself." Amanda explains to us. Nobody can argue with that!

Amanda tossed her long dark hair over her shoulder and then pulled up her purple silk night dress above her thighs. She wore no panties underneath and her pink pussy was fully shaved Then Amanda pulled down the top of her night dress to reveal her amazing pair of full round breasts. "I like when guys motor boat my big tits." Amanda said giggling. "It must be one of my weird fetishes." Nothing weird about that if you ask me. Amanda then continued her strip tease by spreading open her luscious legs, showing off her sexy slit. Then Amanda slowly brought her toy down to gently touch her clit.

Amanda teased her hot little clit for a while longer before switching positions on the bed. She got on her hands and knees in her favorite position which was (you guessed it!) doggy style. Her curvy, white ass was fully exposed as Amanda reached underneath herself to rub the toy against her horny clit even more. She started playing with herself more and more aggressively as she got more and more turned on. Watch this hot ass photo and video shoot for yourself right now, only at

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Kacie James Bent Over

Kacie James is a twenty-two year old brunette babe from Hungary. This hot little sex kitten has a set of big beautiful eyes that just draw you into her seductiveness before she even starts stripping off any of her clothes. But when Kacie does start peeling down her top and exposing the twins, the heat is turned up extra high by her pair of curvy round tits and hard extended nipples. It gets even hotter when Kacie gives the camera a super seductive look with her 'come fuck me' bedroom eyes that tell you that you are in for even more of a treat.

Her eyes told the truth because after her shirt was tossed to the side, Kacie crawled across the bed and got into a naughty doggy style position. Her cute, round booty looked smoking hot in a teeny tiny, little thong and when she stuck her ass up in the air it looked even sexier than ever. Then Kacie reached back and peeled her thong down around her juicy thighs, showing off everything between her sexy legs. "How's that for a nice view?" Kacie asked the camera man. He loved it and went wild snapping a ton of photos from every angle possible. Kacie really knew how to work it and she put on a great show. "Strip teasing is my specialty." Kacie said proudly.

Kacie didn't waste much time discarding the rest of her remaining clothes. Completely naked, Kacie sat up on the bed and got onto her knees. Her vivacious body was on full display and it was out of this world. Cute, perky tits, a flat stomach with a pierced naval, and super sexy juicy thighs. Not to mention her hot pink pussy that was fully shaved and silky smooth. "Now that I'm all naked I think I'm starting to feel a little horny." Kacie said with a naughty little smile. See the rest of this sexually explicit photo and video shoot right now, only at

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Amanda Lee Tight Masturbation

Twenty year old Amanda Lee from Russia, is getting ready for another one of her naughty photo shoots. She is sprawled out on her bed, brushing her long silky, dark hair and humming to herself in Russian. She looks incredibly sexy to the photographer who is spying on her through the bedroom window. Amanda sorts through her collection of makeup that she has spread out on on her bed spread, picking out a few different items that she wishes to use for her big photo shoot. She is wearing a midriff bearing white top and gray short shorts. Amanda starts applying the make up to her already gorgeous face. The peeping tom becomes super excited. He has a fetish for watching hot girls put on make up.

After Amanda is finished applying the make up to her face she sits up and starts running her hands over her white t-shirt. Then she runs her hands down to her shorts and slowly and sensually starts peeling them off. She tosses the shorts aside, exposing her fully shaved pussy. Amanda looks down to examine it, making sure she got all the hairs off when she shaved in the bath tub earlier. Then she reaches up and pulls her top up over her large pair of breasts to examine them as well. They are pretty much perfect and Amanda seems to agree because she then reverts her attention back down to the hot box between her legs. She spreads her legs open wide to get a better view of herself.

Amanda feels herself becoming aroused as she examines her pink pussy. So much so, that she finds herself leaning back against the pillows, making herself comfortable, and reaching her hands down to touch her horny pussy. She is becoming more and more horny and when she slips a finger into the slit between her legs she feels a silky wetness that only makes her want to keep fingering herself. Before long, Amanda's legs are up in the air and she is finger banging herself nice and hard. See this hot picture and video set for yourself right now, only at

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Callie Cobra Outside Striptease

Twenty years old, blonde, and beautiful- Callie Cobra from California was spending a relaxing a day of fun in the sun, working on her already flawless tan. She was dressed in one of her favorite bikinis, a teeny tiny white number that left little to the imagination. Who could resist sneaking a few photos of this hottie out in the sun especially when she was wearing the tiniest of bikinis? But Callie actually loved having her photo taken so she gave the photographer a little strip tease and let's just say he got way more than he bargained for. As she swayed her hips back and forth, teasing him with her fingers in the g-strings of her bikini bottoms, he asked Callie what is the craziest thing she has ever done. Her reply; "A gang bang with a bunch of black dudes." The photographer nearly dropped his camera which made Callie burst into giggles.

Callie continued to move her hot body in a sensually seductive motion. Then she reached up to untie her bikini top. She eyed the camera playfully as the top slowly slid off her shoulders and over her small and perky tits. Now topless, Callie tossed her long blonde hair and then smoothed her hands over her flat tummy and down her small waist until she was resting them on her sexy hips. Then she slipped her fingers into the g-string once again and began peeling down the bikini bottoms. "You ready to see the money shot?" Callie asked playfully. She shook her booty one last time before letting the bikini bottoms drop to the ground around her ankles.

Now fully naked, Callie sauntered across the patio until she reached a yellow lawn chair. She took a seat, leaned back, and made herself comfortable. After a minute or so Callie looked back into the camera. Then slowly, she began opening her legs up little by little until everything between her thighs was on full display. Her pink pussy was completely shaved and looked good enough to eat. Callie ran her manicured fingers down her body and rested them on her clit. She started rubbing herself slowly, letting out little moans of pleasure. Watch Callie make her horny pussy cum at

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Kacie James Perky Tits

Kacie James is a hot brunette babe from Hungary who is ready to strip down and show off her goodies today, just for us! Aren't we lucky? Kacie is a twenty-two year old Hungarian beauty with long dark hair, tanned skin, dark brown eyes, and a curvy, voluptuous body. For her big photo shoot Kacie wore a colorful, floral-print top, denim short shorts with a thong underneath them that matched her floral-print top. Her four inch stiletto heels also matched Kacie's floral prints. It made a smoking hot outfit on a smoking hot girl. Kacie looked up at the camera fluttering her long dark lashes. She reached up to unfasten her top and exposed her pair of full, round breasts with sensually erect nipples.

Kacie stood up, unbuttoned, unzipped, and let her jean shorts fall to the floor. Then, topless, in just her thong and heels, Kacie turned around so that her curvy, round ass was facing toward the camera. Then she crawled up onto the couch on her hands and knees in a sexy doggy style position. She stuck her nice ass up in the air, showing off how hot she looked in her sexy thong. Then Kacie reached back to pull the thong to the side and gave the camera a glimpse of her hot pink pussy. She keeps it completely shaved and silky smooth. That's hot!

Kacie slid her thong down her juicy thighs,
over her stiletto heels, and kicked it to the side. Then Kacie stood up to reposition her hot body on the sofa. Fully naked except for her sexy heels, Kacie lowered her hot self down on the couch and made herself comfortable, leaning back against the pillows. She gave the camera a sultry look as she slowly parted her legs. She ran her hands down her tight body to her shaved pussy. With both hands, she parted her pink pussy lips, exposing all her delicious wetness. See even more of the super sexy Kacie James right now, only at

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