Tiffany Tyler Kitchen Cutie

Tiffany Tyler took us into the kitchen of her condo for some refreshments after her lesbian session. This debutante was striking in her t-shirt and ballet leggings, ice-blue eyes as shiny as the 4 carat diamond tennis bracelet she wore. "I love this kitchen! It's one of the reasons I bought this place. Plus, I'm closer to the Country Club where I meet all my 'daddies'." We agreed to do the next part of our shoot in the kitchen, and Tiffany Tyler was ready to start showing off her lithe body. Lifting up her gray t-shirt, we began by photographing her tiny titties.

Climbing onto the kitchen island was a breeze for this limber brunette. Still wearing her strapped and studded stilettos, Tiffany Tyler began a slow, revolving strip-tease from atop her granite counter. Reaching into a drawer, she pulled out a pink, suction ended dildo. "Of all the appliances in my kitchen, this is, by far, my favorite tool. It's also my measuring stick- I won't be with a guy unless he's this size or bigger." She planted her toy firmly in place, and resumed her dance routine. Slowly, Tiffany Tyler revealed her well-sculpted ass, harshly divided by a black cotton thong.

Once her stilettos were removed, Tiffany Tyler could more easily strip off those leggings, and her panties, too! Striking a pose that gave us the true appreciation for her long, willowy body, Tiffany Tyler sucked on her pink dildo, getting it nice and lubed for entry into her still warm cooter. "My girlfriend really gets me off, but sometimes I just think I need more inside of me, you know, to be fully satisfied?" When asked about the star tattoos gracing each of her hips, Little T stated: "Oh, I got those to commemorate the first time I was in a three-some. I was the star in the middle!"
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Tiffany Haze Parting Shots

Tiffany Haze is, by far, our most captivating cinnamon cutie! As you'll recall- because you were smart enough to subscribe to and got to read her bio- she hopes to one day be a Special Education teacher, and proved to all of us that she could take special care of our studs, our crew, you, and herself! We took rolls of film, and each one of her spreads is as delicious as the spread she's got between those tight thighs of hers! We let Tiffany Haze select her parting shots for the week, and these are her top three picks. "I chose this first picture because it's an everyday kind of look. I guess we never realize how sexy we really are, even when we're just feeling like the girl next door!"

"I chose the second picture because I think it's a nice way of thanking all the men out there for taking the time to watch me, and to join I wanted to show them that they really can have full access to beautiful young women who enjoy pleasing them!" With her surfer's hardbody bent over her coffee table, this cinnamon bun is hot and ever so sweet! Just look at those apricot lips beaming out her sincerity, and the reach-around she's giving to ensure that you get the full picture of her sweet, and hot, little honeypot! Tiffany Haze has the perky breasts and creamy pink pussy of a teen, but definitely has the hunger of a woman!

For her final selection, her parting shot, Tiffany Haze chose this pic from among a dozen just as hot and tempting. We couldn't agree more! "This one was taken shortly after a masturbation scene, and I was still so wet and warm in my afterglow!" At this point, we should all be crumbling over Tiffany Haze's creamy cookie! This sensuous young thing loves her sex, and the desire in her eyes seems to be pleading with us, but more specifically, with you. Tasting her own fresh cum, inviting you to come and taste it too! This hardcore babe keeps giving us more and more to desire... and you've been such attentive students on your visit to! All I can think is that you ought to be hot for this teacher!

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Laetitia Teen Babe Striptease

Laetitia is one of our favorite Czechs! This 22 year old cutie is only 5'2"- petite by our standards- but don't let that fool you. Good things come in small packages! She's built from the ground up with a well-rounded set of legs, six-pack abs, and a sweet set of tits! Speaking of tits, Laetitia loves to have her plum colored nipples licked- it really turns her on! Our producers met up with Laetitia after a long day of waiting tables. "Every day when I get home, I can not wait to take off my clothes!" She was more ready for the shoot than we were! And so eager to please- a very good quality for a young woman who aspires to model as a full-time career.

Laetitia began to show us some of her head-shot smiles, but quickly moved into a more provocative, slow motion strip tease. Her youthful, supple body, is beautiful from all perspectives. Jet black hair reaches all the way to the top of her g-string thong, which matches her racer-back tank. Our producers asked if she always matched her panties to her outfit. Laetita explained, "I do not like to wear lingerie and girly lace. I feel more sexy in a boyfriend's shirt and thong panties." Once she removed her yellow thong, Laetitia proved she's smooth in so many ways- she kept a totally clean shaven pussy, as well!

Our producers asked if there was anything else she'd like to show us, and she brought out a little collection of dildos. "I like to use toys! My rabbit is my favorite for satisfying myself. But I have new regular customer at work, and I have been fantasizing about giving him head. I miss having a boyfriend, having a big cock to lick. I use this one to practice my cock-sucking skills." Laetitia would love to show you her amazing skills, too! Make sure you get to know this petite Czech, and many more young and horny babes at today. Don't delay, these girls are growing impatient, waiting for you!

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Aglaya's Bedside Manner

Aglaya invited our producers into her bedroom. This busy nurse-in-training is one of our most gorgeous, fresh-faced blondes ever! Standing at 5'3", she's petite and slender, with bright blue eyes and a pretty pink smile. Like all of our nubiles, her dream is to be a model, and she listened to our suggestions with the attentiveness that we'd all hope for in the person caring for our needs- medically, or otherwise. Ready to strip out of the sweats she wears under her scrubs, Aglaya was all too enthusiastic to prove her dedication to your needs, too!

Keeping a cool, delightful smile playing on her lips, Aglaya enjoyed showing us just how flexible a girl can be. But that's what we expect from a Russian hottie, just barely legal, but knowing enough to like to play- with herself! Long, blonde, side-swept hair grazes tiny, erect nipples, and matches the 5 o'clock shadow she's growing over her pink, delicate lips. The good nurse showed us how to start her meter: by teasing her full, swollen clit. Aglaya gets off on being watched, and she's just the kind of girl to hold back just enough so that you're begging for more!

Aglaya confessed that she loves being spanked. In this position, she can get the best of all the things she enjoys: spankings, and the deepest penetration her tight, young pussy can handle. Aglaya's "bedside manner" is playful and sweet, and her excitement shows through her sparkling baby-blues, all the way to her curled toes! Do you think she likes to play "doctor"? And you can bet that this Nurse Nightingale loves to kiss and tell! So we asked her to tell us a little something about her. Aglaya's secret fantasy is to have a one night stand, preferably with an American, so next time you're in Russia, boys, make sure you get cut with a caviar spoon- that way, this cutie can treat you... with vodka and vagina! Don't have your passport ready? Get more of this girl, and many more foreign babes like her, at!

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Apple's nude circus act

If you want a nude party spinner on your next birthday then go check out Apple in and take a peek how playful she is her naughty video
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Apple enjoys rubbing her shaved pussy with party inflates and moreover she tickles her pink clits for solo satisfaction and only Nubile Apple will do it for you.

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