Aldi Amateur Striptease

18 year old Russian cutie Aldi is just starting her adult modeling career, and she's an instant hit! "I'm not afraid to take off my clothes for the camera because I have been doing stripping for some time, but this is different. I am worried that my audience will not like me." The extra effort that Aldi has put into her appearance is obvious when she lets us into her bedroom for her very first photo shoot. Her cute little floral dress with a miniskirt that barely covers her lacy panties and a pair of bright red high heels highlights her long dancer's legs.

As we get started, Aldi fidgets a little bit nervously. "I'm not really sure what to do. When I get up on stage I normally dance and it just kind of happens naturally. I don't have to think about it like I am now." We don't have any music to give her, but we tell her to go with her instinct just like she does when she's stripping for a live audience if it makes her feel better, and she takes us up on our offer. She starts off a little bit tentatively at first, but soon her nubile slim body starts to sway to music that only she can hear with enticing gyrations and thrusts of her slender hips.

As Aldi slowly works her demure dress up and over her body, the whole scene begins to come together. This delectable temptress is all about luring men in with her sensual dancing and leaving them dreaming about all the ways she could fulfill them with her incredible body. We're all spellbound as she kicks off her high heels and settles herself on her bed. "I hope you don't mind if I use a toy. It's new and I thought I would try it out with you." Even as she inquires, Aldi has already turned on the little vibrator and touched the buzzing tip to her juicy slit. You can catch this erotic dancer stripping and then watch her fuck herself on her bed right now only at

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