Eva Kay Foreplay Striptease

21 year old Eva Kay isn't just gorgeous; she is also spunky, smart, and full of energy. "I'm not a quiet person and I don't want to live a quiet life. There's so much fun and opportunity out there if you just have the guts to go after it." This blonde vixen's vivacity extends to her occasional modeling career as well, where she approaches each set with obvious enthusiasm.

Dressed in sheer white lingerie that highlights her slender figure and sets off her tan nicely, Eva makes herself comfortable on the bed with just a hint of shyness that we find endearing. "I don't really do this very often but my boyfriend loves it when I do. Watching my porn together is a huge turn on for both of us." As Eva strips slowly out of her lingerie, we can definitely that she's thinking about what she wants to watch herself do later as part of her future foreplay. She has an undeniable grace in her movements and her body is perfectly proportioned with small boobs, a rounded ass, and long legs.

Rolling onto her side, Eva brings her knees up to show us her pink shaved pussy that is already glistening with evidence of her arousal. She slides her hand down her body, stopping to pinch her diamond hard nipple and to squeeze her soft supple ass before she slips a finger deep into her tight hole. "Oh that feels so good. Just thinking about how I'm going to watch this later and fuck my boyfriend makes me so hot I could cum right now!" As her words come out on a moan, Eva pumps her fingers in and out of her sweet twat and begins to build herself up to an amazing climax. You can watch Eva get herself off right now in HD pics and video right now only at Nubiles.net, where you can find all of the hottest girls online.

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