Elissa Glittery Black Dildo

25 year old Elissa from Czech loves to masturbate, especially with toys. This brunette vixen is eager to get going right away, stripping her shirt off to reveal her all-natural boobs and the delicious curves of her tanned body. "I have been waiting for this all week. I love getting naked and masturbating on camera!" Nude except for her black thong, Elissa runs her hands all over the heated skin of her body, paying plenty of attention to her sensitive nipples and medium sized breasts.

As the temperature in the room skyrockets, Elissa shifts her attention to her thong. Gripping the satiny material in her hand, she pulls up to press the crotch into her slick slit. "Oh," she moans as she twists her hand to increase the pressure, "I could cum just from this. But there's so much more I want to do to myself first." She releases her hand with obvious reluctance and then slides her panties down her long slim legs. As the black fabric hits the floor it is impossible to miss the evidence of Elissa's arousal in the form of glistening creamy juices all over her discarded panties.

Turning to the dresser, Elissa pulls out the drawer and produces a big glittery dildo. She shows it off with a smile before licking the cool tip and then running it down the valley between her horny tits. She circles her belly button, and then works her way past the landing strip of hair that leads the way to her dripping twat. "This is one of my favorite toys. It has brought me so many orgasms, and today it will give me another." Shoving the black dildo deep into her tight wet hole, Elissa begins pumping it in and out as she uses the toy to fuck herself until she cums. You can catch Elissa's whole raunchy set in high resolution pics and video right now only at Nubiles.net.

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