Vanessa Sky Skintight Jeans

18 year old Vanessa Sky has recently broken up with her boyfriend, but she doesn't let her single status get her down! "I had almost forgotten how much fun it can be to dress up and go out on the town! I'm not really looking for another relationship right now, but I can still enjoy going out to see what's waiting for me when I'm ready." We catch up with Vanessa as she's returning home from a night of partying. Dressed in a soft yellow tank top and skintight black jeans, it's not hard to believe that this sexy sweetie would make an incredible sight gyrating on the dance floor.

Inside Vanessa's apartment, she slides her tank top down to free her medium sized boobs. Her long hair covers her perky tits in a sensual slide that soon has her nipples hard and eager, and she makes a soft whimper of pleasure when she reaches up to pinch one sensitive tip. "I met some really hot guys and girls tonight. We took turns dancing together, holding each other nice and close. I'm still so turned on when I think about it." She unzips her pants as she reminisces, squirming out of the tight material until her jeans lay at her feet on the floor.

Making her way to a low dresser, Vanessa sits on the edge of the cool hard wood and spreads her thighs to access her sweet shaved pussy. We can see that she's already wet and ready as the light glistens off of her moist folds. She slides her fingertips across the inside of her thigh, shivering at the flirty sensation before pressing two fingers against her horny clitoris and massaging slowly. "Oh, I've wanted to do this all night. Clubbing is such a turn on when I meet sexy people!" Reaching down to pull open the top drawer, Vanessa removes a small dildo before pushing it closed. She drops to her knees on the floor, leaning forward and spreading her legs to open herself so she can push the little dildo deep into her tight hole. Head over to right now to watch Vanessa fuck herself until she cums and to enjoy her whole set of high quality pics and video.

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