Melody Jordan Slow Strip

The first thing we noticed about coed hottie Melody Jordan when she joined us in her living room was her radiant smile. This all-natural redhead begins the morning dressed in an organic cotton top with spaghetti straps and a pair of hip-hugging shorts that show off her long legs. Starting at her flat tummy, Melody slowly pushes her shirt up over her perky tits to show off her puffy nipples, shivering as the soft material whispers over her sensitive boobs. "I'm a big believer in ethical clothing. It's not just about loving the planet; there's something incredible about the feeling of silky natural fiber on my skin."

While one hand continues to tweak her hard nipples, the other makes its way back down her body to work open the buttons on her jean shorts. The fly falls open to reveal simple white cotton bikini panties that hug the flair of Melody's hips. Standing still for a moment to let us admire the incredible sight she makes, she shimmies to slip her shorts down her legs and steps out of them. "I like the way those shorts feel when they're on, but I really love taking them off. It's like a signal to my body that I'm going to masturbate."

Melody heads for a chair to make herself comfortable for some intimate time, but she only makes it partway there before she stops and slides her panties down. She sheds her top next, walking nude the rest of the way to the chair. Settling herself on the soft pleather, Melody parts her creamy thighs and slips a hand between her legs to massage her sensitive clitoris. "I love this chair. I refused to decorate my house with real leather, but this chair feels as soft and supple as the real thing. It's my favorite place to get myself off." You can find Melody and all of the Internet's freshest faces online now only at

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