Melody Jordan Blue Vibrator

20 year old Melody Jordan dreams of saving the world someday, and working towards that goal as a volunteer building schools has helped to give her a trim and toned body she loves! "I was worried that spending time out in the hot sun while we worked would do funny things to my hair or give me freckles, but I was willing to go anyway. Fortunately, it all worked out. I was even able to get a bit of a tan, which is incredible for a redhead." Stripping off her lacy white top, Melody shows us what she means about the gentle tan that gives her pale skin a tantalizing hint of color.

As we admire her creamy skin and delicious curves, Melody basks in our attention. Turning around slowly in her high heels so that we can get an eyeful of her full round ass, she slaps her hand down to make her plump cheeks jiggle. Massaging her bottom, she looks at the camera over her shoulder and gives a dazzling smile. "I adore rough sex. Spanking and biting are sure ways to get me turned on in a hurry."

Settling on the couch, Melody uses her fingertips to brush light touches all over her body in a slow seduction. She circles her little areolas and pinches her puffy nipples, making soft moans that soon have every man in the room hard and eager. "I'm just getting warmed up," she comments, leaning forward and reaching beneath the couch to retrieve a big blue vibrator. "I need to make sure I'm wet and ready for this big boy." Sliding down on the couch and parting her thighs, Melody turns the toy on and applies the vibrating tip to her slick juicy slit, rubbing the tip up and down to lubricate it with her juices before she pushes it deep into her hot pussy. Head on over to right now to watch Melody use her pulsing toy until she cums, in all HD pics and video.

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