Shay Parker Cum Pussy

Young and sensual 19 year old Shay Parker is one of the hottest pieces I've been privileged to shoot in a long time. This girl is fun and spunky to talk to, but beneath her party girl exterior beats the heart of a true sex kitten. Shay is the kind of girl who's up for just about anything, and wants the world to see what she's doing! "I've had sex in a lot of places where there was a very real risk of getting caught. I realized after a while that half of what made the sex so good was the idea that someone might unintentionally see me! That's when I knew I wanted to be an adult model."

Shay's can-do attitude was an instant hit with her male model. One look at this Latina's sexy full lips was all it took before he was pushing Shay's head down towards his straining hard dick. Shay took her cue, smiling sweetly up at him before wrapping her warm soft lips around his member and fondling his balls with her hand to give him an amazing blow job. Licking her lips when she came up for air, Shay rolled onto her hands and knees and stuck her lush ass up into the air so that we could see how drenched her freshly shaved pussy was. "I'm so horny, I need you to fuck me right now!" Shay's beau was only too happy to plunge his raging erection into her tight cunt and fuck her just like she wanted.

The sex was fast and furious, with both of them working up a sweat before Shay came in a screaming orgasm. "Don't you dare stop yet," she panted when her man slowed down. "Give it to me hard and fast and I'll keep cumming for you." That seemed to be all of the encouragement Shay's beau needed to turn this shoot into a marathon sex session! You can check out the entire raunchy hard core set in high quality film and pictures, only at

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