Sasha Dii Fucks Photographer

When I arrived on set to shoot photos of the delectable Sasha Dii, I assumed that my day would be like any other on the job. From the moment I saw Sasha, though, something about her seemed special. Maybe it was the way she strutted onto the scene full of confidence in her tight, short dress that clung to every curve of her slim body. I had already begun to snap photos of her when she turned and scanned the crew assembled for her shoot. Then she blew a kiss in my direction and crooked her finger. "Come here. I want you to be my prop today." Was she serious? We hadn't planned for a male model today. My coworkers shot all kinds of jealous looks in my direction, but who was I to say no to the lovely Sasha?

Still a little bit uncertain, I walked over to where beautiful Sasha stood watching me, never doubting for a moment that I would obey her order. Sasha knew exactly what she wanted from me and how she was going to get it! "Lose the shirt, but keep the camera. I'll give you some very personal shots." I was only too happy to comply, and my unexpected sex goddess was only too happy to reward me by running her soft hands all over my hard, unbelievably horny body. The next thing I knew, Sasha had reached behind her neck and unfastened the tie holding up her dress. The material slid right off her body, leaving a naked living fantasy right in front of me. I wanted to touch her firm natural breasts and pleasure her small perky nipples, but Sasha had other plans as she dropped to her knees.

Kneeling in front of me, Sasha slowly unzipped my jeans without breaking eye contact. "I'm going to give you the best blow job of your life and you're going to get it all on film." As soon as she freed my raging erection, she wrapped her lips around it and made good on her promise by sucking like a vacuum. It was all I could do to keep from cumming in her hot, wet mouth as I watched her blow me through the lens of my camera and took pictures like she had ordered! Sasha used her talented hands and mouth to work me right to the point where I was about to shoot my load, and then she backed away. "Let's finish this in bed," she suggested. I knew at that moment that I had won the sex lottery! You can check out the unbelievable high resolution pictures and video of Sasha taking everything she wants from me only at

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