Bree Phoenix Tight Pink Twat

If there's one thing that really stands out about Bree Phoenix, it's her gorgeous long red locks. Redheads are known for having unusually strong sex drives, and nineteen year old Bree is no exception to that rule. Her beautiful hair gets her noticed everywhere she goes, but it's her curvy, feminine figure that really drive the men wild. Her full natural breasts top off a slender waist and hourglass hips, but her luscious round ass is the real icing on the cake. And she gets off on showing it all to the world. "I get so turned on knowing that guys (and girls) all over the world are watching me do naughty things to my pussy. That's usually what I fantasize about when I masturbate," Bree told us earlier. I have no doubt that this sexy photo set is going to rock more than a few cocks. She looked absolutely irresistible in a tiny pink plaid skirt and tight tube top that showed off her big ripe tits perfectly.

Bree enjoyed stripping off her sexy outfit for the cameras, playfully squeezing her tits and shaking her hips as the clothes came off. She danced around naked on her knees as she ran her hands over her creamy ivory skin, lingering at her tiny pink nipples to give them some extra attention. Then Bree bent over on her bed, completely naked with her curvy booty right up in the air. Her soft, delicate pussy lips peeked out from between her legs, concealing a tight little fuck hole that was steadily growing warmer and wetter by the minute.

As she reached a hand between her legs to run her fingers between her soft pussy lips, Bree rolled onto her back. Her fingers instantly started working her clit, rubbing it in a circular motion while her other hand fondled her big soft titties. It wasn't long before Bree's lower lips started glistening with moisture, and as she slid two fingers inside, a moan of ecstacy escaped from her throat. "I've been waiting for this all day," she gasped. Her fingers started pumping in and out of her dripping twat, making a sound that gave away just how wet she was. When her hips started pushing upward trying to get her fingers even deeper in her hole, I knew that she was just moments away from an intense orgasm. You can see the whole naughty set, all the way to the explosive cum finish, only at

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