Jay Taylor Sultry Temptress

The 20 year old sultry temptress Jay Taylor from Utah likes to dress to impress by day, but by night she's an uncontrollable sex kitten. Jay's creative mind gives her plenty of inspiration for hot role play scenarios, as we discovered when she began the day dressed in what we can only describe as sweet and sexy accountant. "I never had a hard time with school, but I especially loved math." The idea of getting to know this accountant better made us love math a little bit more, too!

Jay stayed in character as she got down to business. "Did you bring anything for me to look at, or is today just a consultation? I'm here to do your numbers!" she says, keeping her expression professional. We were prepared with a selection of sex toys for our hot accountant to choose from, and her eyes lit up behind her glasses as she selected a fire-engine red dildo. "This is exactly what I need to get going!" Climbing onto the chair and thrusting her luscious ass high in the air, Jay threw us a teasing glance before removing her glasses and sliding out of her short skirt and demure underwear to show us her pouty shaved slit. We could see that this fantasy was really turning her on when her dripping wet pussy was revealed!

This sex-crazed accountant was so impatient to bare her small perky tits that she accidentally tore several buttons when she opened her shirt. She had become consumed by her need to fill her drenched pussy, but according to Jay that's not an unusual state for her. "I have to masturbate every night just to fall asleep, but I can't get through most days without another orgasm or two to tide me over. If I don't have a man handy, I just take matters into my own hands." Jay slid her hand up her flat belly to cup her tight boob and pinch her diamond hard nipple as her other hand pushed her red vibrator deep into her tight twat and she let out a moan. Lifting her hips up and down as she fucked herself with her new dildo, Jay began to work herself to an orgasm that you'll have to see to believe! To see this hot little accountant lose control, head on over to Nubiles.net where you'll find all of the freshest and hottest girls on the web.

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