Bree Phoenix Naughty Massage

Nineteen year old Bree Phoenix was born in the U.S. but only recently moved out to California to pursue nude modelling full time. Doing her very first shoot only a few short weeks ago has so far been the thrill of her life and she can't wait to do more! Today, however, Bree got to do her very first hardcore scene, and her nerves were on fire before the shoot. "I can't believe how nervous I am! I'm kind of embarrassed! " Bree confessed. We decided to set up a very relaxed environment for her to help ease her into the action, and luckily we had a hot stud available who has a thing for erotic massage and running his hands over the soft naked skin of a beautiful girl. That seemed to help and it wasn't long before Bree was as relaxed as if there were no camera crew there documenting her every sexy move. She soon had her massage stud's tongue running across her clit, making her pussy grow wet and her breath grow heavy and fast.

He flipped her over on her stomach, sliding her hips toward the edge of the massage table. His cock was hard as could be and Bree's pussy was dripping with moisture, so he had no problem sliding his stiff shaft right into her wet hole. He squeezed Bree's luscious round butt cheeks together for maximum friction as he pumped in and out, gaining momentum with every thrust. Bree pushed her hips upward every time he slid deep inside, and her moaning grew louder until she screamed out "I'm cumming!" Her stud sunk his shaft into her pussy as deep as it could go and held it there, letting Bree cum all over his cock, her vaginal muscles contracting hard around him.

As soon as Bree finished her climax, her lover had to pull out and regain control for a moment to avoid an early explosion. He resumed running his hands over Bree's soft ivory skin until he was ready to slide his cock back inside her warm, dripping wet pussy. He climbed on the table and turned Bree over again so he could push his throbbing dick back in from behind. She put one leg up over his hip with her legs spread wide open and her bald snatch in perfect view of the cameras. As the pair continued their lust-filled fuck session, our crew caught every moment of moaning, hip pumping action. Bree was even able to get in another raging orgasm before her guy finally let his own loose on her. Bree was so filled with passion that if she hadn't told us this was her first hardcore shoot, I never would have guessed. You can see the whole explosive scene in high quality pics and video, exclusively at

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