Missy Sweet Hot Bikini Babe

Playful and cute girl-next-door Missy Sweet loves to play in the water. She's either at the beach or hanging out by her pool nearly every day and practically lives in a bikini, especially during the summer. "When it's hot, I can hardly stand wearing clothes. But since I can't run around naked all the time, a bikini is the next best thing... don't you think?" Seeing the way this dark-haired cutie looks in her color-splashed bathing suit, I have to agree. As she dips her toes into the cool water. Missy turns this way and that, showing off her curvy frame. Then slowly she unties the sides of her bikini bottom, letting it drop to the ground right where she stands.

Missy heads over to the patio chair wearing nothing but the tiny pieces of cloth covering her perky tits, and in two seconds flat her bikini top is lying on the chair, leaving her completely naked in the warm afternoon air. She crawls onto patio stool and throws a seductive look at the camera. Arching her back, Missy stretches her shoulders, hips and torso, thrilling at the sensation of the warm breeze rushing around her body. "Guys always tell me what a great ass I have. What do you think? Do you like my ass?" She starts shaking her bare booty, letting it dance with the breeze. Her hairless pussy looks so inviting as she wiggles her ass in doggy-style position. Her smoking hot body has no tan lines, which means she's no stranger to spending long afternoons by the pool, naked in the afternoon sun.

Hopping off the stool, Missy announces "I haven't masturbated yet today and I'm really in the mood to cum." She obviously wasn't going to hear any objections from me or anybody else, so she starts right in on her dance of seduction. She begins with a quick mussing of her long auburn hair, letting her hands frame her face while she makes sweet and suggestive expressions. She runs her fingers over her perky titties, cupping her breasts for a few quick squeezes, and then down over her smooth tummy. Trailing down her hips and thighs, Missy's hands finally find the sweetest thing of all... her hairless pink lips and sweet, juicy pussy. As she drops to a crouch with her legs spread open wide, Missy teases her swollen pussy lips with her long manicured fingertips, parting them to reveal her hot moist hole. She's just getting started, so if you want to watch her fingers do more than just tease her tender pink flesh, you can find all the exclusive action this eager babe has to offer, only at Nubiles.net.

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