Tegan Tight Pussy Spread

Tegan is a beautiful blonde from the UK. At only twenty years old, this little firecracker still has a lot of experimenting ahead of her, and trying new things is one thing Tegan has never shied away from. She's still waiting for her chance to experience her first three-some, have some wild sex with a "dashing older gentleman", as she puts it, and learn to relax enough during anal sex to be able to really enjoy it. But one thing Tegan had become quite masterful in is masturbating that tight little pussy of hers. "I have a hard time falling asleep without a good orgasm or two," she had told us earlier. And since she doesn't have a boyfriend right now, Tegan usually takes matters into her own hands.

She was more than happy to show off her masturbation skills for the camera, but before we could get to that, we needed to get some pictures of Tegan's ripe, curvy body. She knelt on the bright orange sofa as she pulled her tank top off over her head, letting her full perky titties free at last. She was still wearing her thigh-high striped socks and thin yellow panties. As I was busy admiring the shape of her tits and watching her rosy pink nipples grow hard, Tegan grabbed her cotton panties and pulled them up high around her waist, temporarily turned them into a thong. With her panties pulled tight in the crack of her firm little booty, Tegan began moving her hips in circles and shaking her ass like she had a pole in front of her.

Wiggling herself right out of her panties, Tegan finally revealed her shaved pussy... so smooth and tight! She reclined in the sofa and spread her legs open just about as far as they could go, letting us soak in the perfection of her naked body. One hand reached in from behind and gently tickled her delicate pussy lips before spreading them open for a good look at her moist hole. Her other hand was busy fondling her boobs, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. It was clear that they loved the abuse because Tegan's tiny pussy was growing wetter by the second. Then with a wicked grin, she asked "You ready for the fun part?" I know I am! If you want to see how sexy young Tegan likes to punish her horny pussy, you can find the whole naughty set exclusively at Nubiles.net.

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