Tammy Tyler Sun-kissed Tits

When we showed up for the photo shoot with twenty-two year old Tammy Tyler, we found her already there and sunning herself in a skimpy bikini outside by the pool. "It took all of my willpower not to just dive in!" she laughed. We promised that she could splash around in the pool all she wanted AFTER the shoot... one one condition. She had to do it completely naked. "You're on!" Tammy agreed, and then suggested we do a set right there in the back yard. It was such a beautiful day and Tammy was looking sexy as hell in that bright yellow bathing suit... so why not? By the time we had finished setting up, we caught her sneaking a feel inside her bathing suit. She was obviously eager to get started, and it didn't take long for this hot little nymphet to strip off her top. Her smallish, perky titties were a bit sun-kissed, exposing her secret that she had been out here sun-bathing topless before we arrived.

Her bikini bottom came off next, revealing a very neatly trimmed twat. The rest of her pussy was shaved smooth, looking fresh and pink and as inviting as one could imagine. Tammy reached for a bottle of baby oil. She drizzled the warm oil over her tits, letting it run down her smooth stomach til it began to tickle her soft pussy lips. Her hands worked their way over her tight, firm body until her entire upper body was slick and shiny. Then she made another round, this time taking her time and lingering in all the spots that I wished my tongue could be. Caressing her little tits and rolling her tiny pink nipples between her thumbs and index fingers until they stood to full attention. Then working her way downward, running her hands up her inner thighs and long, lingering strokes between her legs. Next came her booty, squeezing and kneading her round cheeks. By the time her body was oiled up to her satisfaction, I could see Tammy's hips rocking back and forth slightly... just enough to make me wonder if she even realized she was doing it.

Tammy broke the silence with "That should do it. Now let's get started!" followed by a playful laugh. She situated herself on the patio chair, rolling onto her back so her naked, oil-slicked body was completely exposed. She reached one hand between her legs as she propped her feet up on the back of the lounge chair, spreading her knees open at the same time. Her other hand was busy fondling her boobs, sharing the attention between both equally. Within just a minute or two, it became clear that Tammy was not new to masturbating. She knew exactly how she likes it seemed to be incredibly turned on by the whole idea of so many people watching her pleasure her aching pussy. If you want to see for yourself how this horny beach bunny makes herself cum, you can find the whole explicit set exclusively at Nubiles.net.

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