Vanessa Cage Outdoor Masturbation

Nineteen year old hottie, Vanessa Cage, wanted to fulfill her fantasy of stripping in the great outdoors. Luckily for us, we got it all captured on camera. Vanessa walked outside topless, wearing only a pair of short denim shorts over pink polka dotted panties, a pair of tan stilettos, a belly button ring, and smile. 'This is so thrilling!" Vanessa exclaimed as she danced across the grass in her heels. Her tanned skin glistened in the sun light that also lit up her blue eyes, making them bright vibrant. Vanessa turned to the cameras with a sexual look in her eyes. Slowly, she brought her hands to the button on her shorts. Soon Vanessa was slipping them off and revealing her silk, polka dotted panties which she soon discarded as well.

Before long, Vanessa was completely naked except for her high heels. And she looked damn fine too. Vanessa bent down to pick up her denim shorts. She carried them over to some brick steps. There she dropped the shorts down onto the top step and then got down on her knees, using the shorts to protect herself against scraping. Vanessa positioned her hot body into the doggy style position and stuck her firm, bare ass up into the air. Vanessa reached back to give her booty a nice spank. She smiled at the camera and then began caressing her ass. She started moving her hand toward the slit between her legs and soon she was caressing herself there as well.

Vanessa turned over and sat her butt down her shorts. Facing the camera, Vanessa slowly opened her legs, displaying her hot pink pussy. She was completely shaved so everything was fully exposed. Vanessa brought a manicured finger to her clit and began caressing herself sensually. Her nipples hardened and her pussy became wet. Vanessa slipped a finger inside herself to feel her own silky wetness. Playing with herself outdoors was making her extremely horny. For some reason, she found the whole scene wonderfully erotic. But then again, Vanessa found a lot of things wonderfully erotic. See what other naughty things Vanessa does in this sexually explicit outdoor photo shoot, only at

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