Gina Devine Banana

Gina Devine is this super hot, twenty one year old brunette from Czech Republic. She has a thin, petite body, tan skin, long dark hair, and tons of sex appeal. Today, she is laying out on the deck in her very skimpy and colorful bikini, enjoying the pleasures of fruit...Gina first oils herself up, covering her whole body until she is glistening and gleaming with body oil. Then she lays back to catch some rays but suddenly starts feeling a little horny as the sun beats down on her silky smooth body. She looks around and finally rests her eyes on the bananas in the fruit plate next to her. She picks one up, looks it over and decides that it will do the trick. She puts it in her mouth, licks it and kisses it until it is fully lubricated to her liking.

Gina then slides off her bikini bottoms, tosses them to the side, and runs the banana over her tight body until it reaches her hot and horny pussy. She teases herself for a while until she is so hot and bothered that she has to have more. So Gina then flips over onto her stomach and sticks her ass and pussy up in the air so that she can get a better reach on herself. She then reaches behind her and begins teasing herself some more with the banana in doggy style position. Gina closes her eyes, enjoying how good she is making herself feel. But soon Gina is so turned on that she just can not take teasing herself any longer.

Gina's shaved pussy is now dripping wet. She changes positions again, this time laying on her side with one leg up in the air. She slowly slides the banana into her wet pussy. It feels so good that Gina can't help but moan with pleasure as she slides the banana in further. See how much hotter this is about to get, only at

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