Sexy Bailey Ryder Strips

Bailey Ryder is a fun and sexy a nineteen year old brunette from Czech Republic. She loves sex and being naughty and dressing the part. "It's fun to get all dressed up in sexy outfits and go out on the town with my girl friends and find hot guys to buy us drinks. We like to play this game. Who ever gets the most free drinks by the end of the night wins the game. And I usually win." Bailey says with a smile. "Sometimes I even find a lucky guy to take home with me." Sounds like there's some very lucky guys out there.

Bailey is all dressed up for us today in a little black dress and red high heels. "I love these shoes!" She tells us as she struts around showing them off. She lifts up her dress to show us her nicely toned legs and sexy booty. Then she pulls the dress all the way off and tosses it aside. Underneath she is wearing a red bra and matching red thong, which also matches her red heels. Looking down at herself Bailey says; "You can probably guess what my favorite color is, can't you?" She laughs. Bailey then pulls down her bra to reveal her nice perky breasts. Her skin is tan and her stomach is flat. She really is super sexy from head to toe.

Bailey takes the bra all the way off and then starts playing with the red thong. She kicks off her red shoes and starts sliding the thong down her sexy, tan legs. Once it is all the way off, Bailey tosses it to the side and stands up, fully naked and barefoot. Her pussy is all shaved except for a very sexy landing strip. Bailey runs her fingers through her long hair and looks directly into the camera, smiles, and says; "Now let's have some fun!" See what happens next with this naughty girl, only at

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