Taste Natalya's Sweet Juices

Meet Natalya. She is a Russian beauty who is the best of both worlds. She is cute and sexy at the same time. Cute, because of her sweet smile and adorable face which make her look a little on the young and innocent side even though she is twenty two years old. Sexy, because she has a body that is out of this world. It is super fit with just the right amount of curves, flat stomach, nice, perky tits, and legs you want wrapped around you immediately if not sooner. She has long black hair that falls all the way down to her cuter than cute butt and is super sensual and makes you imagine yourself pulling it...

Today Natalya waltzes into the kitchen barefoot, wearing only white shorts, a white shirt and a big smile. "Okay you guys, I'm ready!" Natalya says, "Let's have some whipped cream fun!" With that, Natalya picks up the can of whipped cream off the counter and starts spraying it everywhere and laughing. After she'd had her fun, Natalya stopped being silly and started being sexy. She pulled the white top up and over her head, revealing those cute and perky titties with the super hard nipples. Then Natalya picked up the whip cream bottle again, pointed the nozzle at her breasts and sprayed. When her titties were fully covered in the sweet, white cream, Natalya rubbed the cream over her breasts, chest, and stomach, like icing on a cake.

Natalya then slid off her shorts, revealing a butt as equally cute as her breasts, and bent over to give the camera a good shot. Then she hopped up on the counter and sat down with her legs parted, giving a peek of her juicy pussy. Natalya lifted one leg up and put her foot up on the counter, opening her legs even more and giving us an even better view between her thighs. Natalya picked up the whip cream bottle once again, but this time she aimed it toward her pussy. She looked up at the camera, smiled and sprayed. See how sticky Natalya gets, only at Nubiles.net.

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