Cassandra Nix Water Masturbation

Cassandra Nix is looking cute and sexy as usual in a bright pink tank-top, yellow short shorts, and a rainbow colored necklace that hangs below her breasts. She has such a pretty face and smile, that it's almost hard to believe she is about to completely strip down to nothing and get in the bath tub for us. But Cassandra is, "More than happy to!" she says as she rubs her hands between her smooth legs and up to her shorts. Cassandra is that good girl with the super naughty side. My favorite kind of girl. A lady in the streets but a freak in the they say.

Cassandra stands up and takes off her pink tank-top. She isn't wearing a bra (of course)
so her small tits are on full display for all to see. She gives the camera a big smile, showing how comfortable she is being naked and with her body and that to me, makes her even more sexy. If that's even possible. Her long hair and her long necklace brush against her hard nipples in a very erotic way. This girl is just too cute. I think it's about time to get her completely naked and into the bath tub, like now.

Cassandra strips down to nothing, quickly throwing her yellow shorts to the side, and showing us her completely shaved pussy, which is super hot by the way. She turns on the bath water and gets in, pointing her pussy toward the running water with her legs open. Then she puts her legs up on the sides of the tub and directs the water directly onto her pussy, giggling. I think she liked it because she just kept doing this and didn't seem to want to stop and that was certainly okay with everyone at the shoot...see what happens next only at

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