Randi Ryan Is A Naughty Student

Randi Ryan just recently discovered how much she loves getting naked in front of the camera with her boyfriend behind the camera taking the pictures. So today, she decided to get all dolled up in a school girl type of outfit because her boyfriend really has a fetish for that sort of thing. (Who doesn't?) And she thought it would be fun to turn him on and take some really sexy pictures at the same time. Her outfit consisted of a white sleeveless blouse with a plaid tie down the front and a short plaid skirt which Randi quickly threw off so she could reveal the sexy white panties underneath with the cute ruffles on them.

After bending over the couch and giving her boyfriend a nice view of her ass in her ruffled panties, Randi decided to just go ahead and take the panties off. By this point, I think her idea to get her boyfriend turned on in this photo session was probably doing the trick. Randi pulled the white blouse together from the center so her tits popped out the sides. She then squeezed her perky white titties with her hands, making her pink nipples instantly hard (and most likely making you-know-who instantly hard as well.)

After playing with her tits a little more, Randi took off the white blouse and sat back on the couch, now completely naked with all of her vivacious curves on display. She brought her knees up to her chest and opened her legs while at the same time reached one hand down between her legs to touch her clit with one finger. She looked right into the camera (and right at her boyfriend) and gave both a knowing smile. She could see she had fully and successfully turned him on. But she wasn't near done playing yet...see the rest of this hot photo session only at Nubiles.net!

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