Asya Gets Hot and Heavy

Asya is a sexy, petite eighteen-year-old girl from Russia, who happens to have a very healthy sexual appetite. She lost her virginity at fifteen so she isn't exactly inexperienced when it comes to sex. "Its one of my very favorite activities!" Asya tells us. She also loves music and dancing which is probably why she has such fit tight body. "I take a dance class once a week and I also like to dance everyday when I get out of the shower." She says with a little wink. "But I would rather use sex as a work out than dance." We ask her why that is and she replies; "Because I don't usually get orgasms from dancing." Can't argue with that.

But Asya isn't just all about dance and fucking. She also describes herself as a hopeless romantic." My dream is to find a sexy man that falls madly in love with me, spoils me, and marries me and then we will live happily ever after." Asya says with a smile that seems somehow dreamy and naughty at the same time. In front of the camera she is very sweet and flirty. Especially to the guy in the scene. At one point, after pulling her red panties down around her thighs, she leans in to kiss him with her sexy pink lips as he is holding his hard cock in one hand and holding Asya's hair back with the other hand. That kiss was cute, sweet, and super sexy. I know it turned me on!

Now they are both getting into it and its starting to get pretty hot and heavy. Asya lays back and lets him slide his hard dick inside her sideways, from behind. "This is one of my favorite positions!" she exclaims in ecstasy as he keeps sliding himself deeper and deeper into her wet pussy. He grabs one of her legs and holds it back to get a better grip on her. She smiles up at him and he smiles back. If I didn't know better, I'd say these two are really into each other...or maybe they are just really in lust. Which can be way better anyway. If anyone is curious to see how this hot and steamy sex session continues; see the full set and more at

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