Randi Ryan Masterbates

Randi Ryan is a small town girl from Massachusetts. When you think of a small town girl you'd expect her to be a little bit innocent but Randi is very far from innocent. She was quite the naughty girl even in high school where she got caught ditching class and even stole her parent's car one night! She may look sweet but she definitely has a bad girl side which is just what guys like about her. Randi used to be a baby sitter but discovered her love for modeling after an ex boyfriend took these sexy photos of her one night. She started stripping her clothes off for him first but then he told her to leave on her blue top because he had something for her that would match perfectly-a blue vibrator. She gladly takes it and rubs her pussy with it untill she is so turned on that she keeps spreading her legs open wider and wider. Her very lucky boyfriend catches it all on his camera and now we are lucky enough to get to see the sexy pictures too.

Randi starts getting really hot and bothered from rubbing herself so much with the toy. "I want to put it in my mouth and get it all wet for my pussy!" She says to her boyfriend who, of course, has no objection to this. Randi gets off of the zebra print seat she was posing on and lays down on the floor. Then she puts the toy in her mouth, kisses it, while at the same time puts her legs straight up in the air so we get to see her sexy ass, pussy, legs, feet, everything! Randi is such a natural in front of the camera and her boyfriend tells her so. "And this is my first time taking naked pictures ever!" She says back to him around a mouthful of toy. Now she is getting really turned on and so are we!

Finally Randi stands up and positions herself at the perfect angle to slide the toy inside her wet and horny pussy. "It feels SO good!" She says to her boyfriend who is having trouble keeping his hard-on in his pants and who could blame him with this hot naked girl in front of him sticking a toy inside her pussy? Randi is really getting into it now. She puts one foot on the zebra print seat and slides the toy in further. Then with her free hand she starts rubbing her clit, sticks out her erect nipples, and throws her head back in pleasure. After this photo session she is hooked and takes more and more naughty pictures and they are all here for you to see at Nubiles.net.

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