Bella Anne Bends Over

Bella Anne is a hot and horny blonde babe who knows how to appreciate the finer things in life. She works hard, both as a banker and a teen model, so that she can buy nice things. "I just love coming home to see all the things I have earned." But Bella Anne doesn't have a retail addiction. She spends her hard earned dough on her body in the form of piercings, tattoos, and pampering in general. "I love to get my nails done! I like them long because I love to scratch them down a guy's back." Bella Anne is a true beauty, too, which she's not shy to show. Pulling off her black panties, Bella knows how to make us feel right at home.

Bella shows off just how much she's willing to sacrifice for beauty- she's waxed clean from the neck down. Not a hair in sight. "I think that women should be beautiful to look at and to feel. You can't be sexy with stubble all over your body. A woman should feel like silk, and dress in silk, too." Her peachy teen twat looks as sweet as the fruit as Bella continues posing. "I love to be eaten! But not always 69. I like to just feel the pleasure for me, alone." Bella's big teen titties jiggle as she giggles, her nipples harden as she flashes the camera. "I wonder if it would feel different to have another woman eat me."

"I have often fantasized about a threesome, but I am too shy to ask. I have never been into girls growing up, but I am starting to wonder more and more about trying." But Bella Anne doesn't strike us as being shy. She bends over her entertainment stand to give us the real show: her full, round ass perfectly arced for a doggy-style pounding, and her sweet teen twat slick with excitement. She peeks around to the rear to gauge our level of excitement. "Do you think I would enjoy eating pussy while a hard cock was buried in me from behind, like this?" You betcha! And we'd love to show you! Log into today for more of beautiful Bella Anne, or choose from thousands of lusty teen babes just eager to try new things with you.

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