Maryjane Johnson Sybian Rider

Maryjane Johnson arrives for her shoot wearing a vest and cute, plaid miniskirt. She's vibrant and full of energy, just like we prefer our teens to be! "I love modeling! And I was told there would be a special surprise for me today." Sure enough, we'd installed one of the best sex toys ever invented- the Sybian. "Oh, my god! I've hear about these before, and I can't wait to try it!" she gushes when we reveal her prop. She starts stripping immediately, showing her true excitement to try riding the Sybian. "I've heard about them, but I don't know anyone who actually owns one. This is amazing!" Maryjane Johnson smiles as sweetly as a kid in a candy store while she gets ready to play.

She removes her top, baring her sweet teen titties, showing off a few of her new tattoos, too. Her long, athletic legs look even hotter straddling the Sybian while she strikes a few poses for the camera. "You know why I prefer toys over the real thing sometimes?" she asks. "Because sometimes guys think they know everything about girls; you know, what they like and what they want. But in reality, those are usually the guys who don't have the first clue. That is such a turn-off. I like toys because I know I can get it exactly the way I want it. Plus, you don't have to teach it anything. Toys just do their job." Stripping down to just her bare, beautiful self, Maryjane Johnson declares, "I'm so ready to try this thing!"

"This will be my first time riding a Sybian," She declares, excitement quivering in her voice. She straddles the rounded edges of the base with her lean teen thighs gripping as she lowers herself onto the cock. It slips so easily and deeply into her wet pussy, and Maryjane Johnson picks up the controller. switching it on. "Mmm, that feels really good!" Adjusting the dials, she experiments with the vibrational speeds, giving herself a few moments per increase to appreciate the new sensations. She rides through each wave of pleasure, allowing the head of her new toy to tickle different parts of her sweet teen meat, blue eyes bright with pleasure. "I love this thing!" she cries out as the Sybian coaxes her to climax. Want to watch Maryjane Johnson hit the top, again and again, atop this tremendous toy? Catch more of this teen model in action only on

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