Sensi Pearl Self Pleasing

Sensi Pearl loves to masturbate. "I do it at least twice a day. It feels so good!" She's home alone for a few hours between her summer college classes and work at the club tonight, and she takes full advantage of the privacy. She's stripped off all of her clothes except for her thigh high striped socks. "I get so hot fucking myself, but my feet seem to always be cold," she giggles, bending over the arm of the couch. Sensi Pearl wastes no time, either, in getting her sexual release. Her silver tipped fingers head straight to her tender pink lips, sliding them up and down the full length of her pussy, distributing her sweet juice all over. As she works her body into a good hot state of arousal, Shel decides she's going to need more than fingers to get the job done this afternoon.

Tossing her brunette locks over her shoulder, she reaches behind the couch cushions to retrieve her hot pink vibrator. "Oops, I guess I left it here this morning. Good thing, too, because I need it right now." Rolling onto her back, she relaxes into the low vibration speed of her toy, letting the walls of her tight teen pussy quiver with pleasure as she recalls the night she spent with her new lover, taking it hard from the biggest dick she's ever had. "I wonder if he'll be there tonight?" she ponders, knowing she'll work her pussy well enough to take him again. Sensi opens her legs wide, pulling open her lips to feel the toy's vibrations penetrate her a little deeper. She runs her toy a few more long strokes against her clit before finally plunging the toy into her tingling, wet pussy.

"I need it deeper," she moans, and gets onto all fours so she can change the direction and increase the depth. The ruffled lips of her labia have turned rosy pink with excitement, glistening with wet as she pushes her dildo deeper and faster. She turns up the speed, working her toy with much expertise until she climaxes. She leaves the motor running on her battery operated boyfriend through the closing waves of her climax. "An orgasm a day keeps the body at play." Her daily cumming exercise always leaves her energized, feeling sexy, and ready to make a fortune in tips at the bar. Like the way Sensi Pearl plays? Want to see more? Check out Sensi Pearl's hardcore debut, as well as more teen model masturbation, exclusively at

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